LMS-Durham Symposia


The Society facilitates the organisation of the LMS Durham Symposia. Proposals are approved by the Society’s Research Grants Committee after consideration of referees’ reports.

The Symposia began in 1974, and have now become an established and recognised series of international research meetings. They provide an excellent opportunity to explore an area of research in depth, to learn of new developments, and to instigate links between different branches. The format is designed to allow substantial time for interaction and research. The meetings are by invitation only and, from 2018, they will be held in August, usually lasting for 5 days, with up to 50 participants, roughly half of whom will come from the UK. They are held at the University of Durham.

Durham Symposia 2018

There will be two LMS-EPSRC Durham Symposia held in 2018 and further information can be accessed using the link below:

Call for Proposals for Durham Symposia in 2019 - Open

The Call for Proposals for Durham Symposia in 2019 is currently open. Informal queries may be sent to the Durham Representative, Dirk Schuetz (dirk.schuetz@durham.ac.uk) and to the Grants Team (Grants@lms.ac.uk).

Proposals for future Durham Symposia.

Preliminary proposals should be made approximately two years in advance. Prospective organisers should read the notes below and then consult the Chair of the Research Grants Committee, Dr Francis Clarke (Grants@lms.ac.uk) and the Durham Representative, Dirk Schuetz (dirk.schuetz@durham.ac.uk), to discuss the proposed symposium and the form the proposal should take. The Committee asks experts for their opinions of the proposal, which may lead to a request for revisions, before deciding whether to support the proposal. Each symposium is funded by Durham University covering the subsistence costs of participants, and some travel costs. Organisers are required to submit an academic report to the Committee within six months of the end of the meeting.

Enqiuries should be made to the Chair of the Research Grants Committee, Dr Francis Clarke (Grants@lms.ac.uk) and/or the Durham Representative, Dirk Schuetz (dirk.schuetz@durham.ac.uk)

Additional sources of funding

Current and prospective organisers may also consider applying for additional sources of funding e.g. the Clay Mathematics Institute Enhancement and Partnership Programme.