London Mathematical Society Virtual Graduate Student Meeting 2020

Zoom, hosted by the LMS with support from the ICMS.
Start Date: 
Monday 16th November, 2020
Meeting Time: 
Theo Mary (Sorbonne)


This meeting is intended as an introduction to the Annual General Meeting on 20 November 2020.  All graduate students (and indeed any other mathematicians) welcome.

2.00 Opening of Meeting and Welcome

Theo Mary (Sorbonne)

Title: Mixed precision arithmetic: hardware, algorithms, and analysis 

Abstract: This lecture is concerned with floating-point arithmetic and its effect on numerical algorithms. After briefly reviewing its basic properties, we will discuss recent evolutions of floating-point arithmetic, notably the emergence of very low precisions on modern computer hardware. Low precision arithmetics have shown great potential in terms of speed but, when used on their own, they can only yield results of correspondingly low accuracy. We will present a variety of mixed precision algorithms that combine low and high precisions in order to achieve both high speed and high accuracy.

2.55 Break

3.00 Student talks commence

The meeting will comprise of 15 minute graduate student talks in breakout rooms. Prizes will be awarded for the best talks.    **Due an overwhelming number of responses, we have filled all of the student speaker slots and are no longer receiving any more student talk submissions. If you missed the opportunity to speak this time, thank you for your interest and please watch this space for future events that will offer similar speaking opportunities.**   

4.00 Meeting closes.

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