London Mathematical Society Virtual Graduate Student Meeting 2021

Zoom, hosted by the LMS
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Nina Snaith (Bristol)


This meeting was intended as an introduction to the Annual General Meeting on 12 November 2021 at which Professor Jon Keating FRS (Oxford), will give the Presidential Address on Random Matrices and the Riemann Zeta-Function, with an accompanying talk by Professor Jens Marklof (Bristol) on Random Lattices.  All graduate students (and indeed any other mathematicians) welcome.

The event included a talk by Nina Snaith (Bristol) and opportunities for Graduate Students to give 15 minute talks on their research to a general mathematical audience.

(All timings are in GMT)

1.00pm Opening of Meeting and Welcome

Nina Snaith (Bristol)

Title: Hollywood's hippest mathematics: random matrices and Riemann zeros

Abstract: This is the story of how physicists helped answer a hundred-year-old question about the Riemann zeta function and how this features in a major Hollywood movie.

2.00pm Break

2.15pm Student talks commence

The meeting comprised of graduate student talks in breakout rooms. Graduate Student talks were 15 minutes (max), including time for one or two questions. Certificates were provided to all student speakers.

Room 1 - Chair; Elizabeth Fisher (LMS)

2.15 pm Saksham Sharma (Cambridge)  Torodial analysis of an oscillating sessile drop 

2.35 pm Elle McLean (UCL) Improved calculation of waterfalls through series truncation and collocation.

2.55 pm Santiago Agüí Salcedo (Cambridge) Unitary irreducible representations of dS isometries in dS/CFT 

Room 2 - Chair; Diane Maclagan (Warwick)

2.15pm Maram Alossaimi (Sheffield) Poisson algebras 

2.35pm Theodoros Stylianos Papazachariou (Essex) Explicit description of the moduli compactification of Fano threefold 2-25 

2.55pm Thomas Sharpe (King’s College, London) Singular Complexity of Polyhedral 3-Manifolds 

Room 3 - Chair; Ian Short (OU)

2.15pm Andrew Pearce-Crump (York)    Discrete moments of the Riemann zeta function. 

2.35pm George Kontogeorgiou (Warwick) Equivariant Cayley Complex Embeddings 

2.55pm Hongyi Huang (Bristol) On the Saxl graph of primitive groups 

3.15pm Final questions and other upcoming ECR activities

3.30pm Meeting closed.

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