Annual General Meeting of the Society

Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London (nearest tube: Russell Square)
Meeting Time: 
Presidential Address: Caroline Series FRS (Warwick); Marc Lackenby (Oxford)

LMS Annual General Meeting & Presidential Address 2019

The lectures are aimed at a general mathematical audience. All interested, whether LMS members or not, are most welcome to attend this event.


2.30 pm Opening of the meeting and LMS Business (open to all)

Election of the LMS Council in 2019

Award of the 2019 LMS Prize certificates

Members' vote on the proposed changes to the Charter, Statutes and By-Laws

Agenda and Papers

3.30 pm  Marc Lackenby (Oxford)  The complexity of knots

Abstract: In his final paper in 1954, Alan Turing said 'No systematic method is yet known by which one can tell whether two knots are the same.' Wolfgang Haken and Geoffrey Hemion discovered such a method over 20 years later. However, the computational complexity of this problem remains unknown. In other words, we do not know just how complicated knots are. In my talk, I will give a survey of some of the recent results in this area. Along the way, we will meet some hyperbolic geometry , the 'P ≠ NP' conjecture, and some very very big numbers.

4.30 pm Tea & Coffee

4.55 pm Election Results Announced.

5.00 pm  Presidential Address 2019: Caroline Series FRS (Warwick) All About the Riley Slice

Abstract: The Riley slice is the name given to the family of subgroups of   generated by two parabolic Möbius maps  and . Here ≠0 is a parameter which ranges over the complex plane. Thanks to work of many people over many years, we now have very detailed understanding of this entire parameter space. It include groups which are free and discrete, but also many non-discrete groups. Among non-free discrete groups it includes all those which give rise to a hyperbolic structure on the complement of a two bridge knot. It also illustrates many of the major results of Thurston and his school. We will give a tour of the parameter space and the geometry of the groups in it, taking as our starting point the remarkable computer explorations made by Robert Riley in Southampton in the 1970s, and comparing it to the picture discovered by myself and Linda Keen which shows the set of all free discrete groups foliated by rays which have a natural geometric interpretation.

The meeting will be followed by a reception and the LMS Annual Dinner at Goodenough College.

Registration: Registration is not required for the Annual General Meeting but it is useful for us to know numbers for catering so if you plan to attend, please do register here:

LMS Annual Dinner: The Annual Dinner held at Goodenough College at 7.30 pm.  Tickets for the Society Dinner are £58.00 per person (payable in advance by cheque to "London Mathematical Society".  Please send cheques to LMS Society Dinner, c/o John Johnston, LMS, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HS). To sign up for the Annual Dinner, please email John Johnston by 15 November 2019. If you have any special requirements (e.g. dietary, access), please let John know when registering. 

Graduate Student Meeting

This meeting is intended as an introduction to the Society Meeting later in the day.  All graduate students (and indeed any other mathematicians) will be very welcome.

09.30 Coffee and Registration,

Professor David Singerman (University of Southhampton)

Title: Bob Riley and some applications of discrete groups.

Dr Viveka Erlandsson (University of Bristol)

Title: Hyperbolic surfaces and counting curves

Student talks (up to 6 slots available)

    Students are invited to give short talks (up to 15 minutes) aimed at a general mathematical audience. A prize will be awarded for the best talk (by popular vote). If you would like to give a talk, please email no later than 22 November 2019.

    14.00 Close of Graduate Student Meeting

    Funding for Travel and Accommodation: For students who attend both the Graduate Student Meeting and the LMS General Meeting, the Society offers funding of up to £100 towards travel costs and accommodation costs (for those travelling long distances).

    Places are free and tea/coffee and lunch will be provided.

    Register for your place at the Graduate Student Meeting.


    How to get to Goodenough College

    A route planner can be found here

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