General Meeting of the Society & Aitken Lecture 2019

Mary Ward House, Tavistock Square, London (nearest tube station: Russell Square)
Meeting Date: 
Friday, 28 June, 2019 - 15
Aitken Lecture 2019: Bakh Khoussainov (University of Auckland); Paul Shafer (Leeds)
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LMS General Meeting & Aitken Lecture 2019

The lectures are aimed at a general mathematical audience. All interested, whether LMS members or not, are most welcome to attend this event.


3.30 pm Opening of the meeting and LMS Business (open to all)

Election of the LMS Honorary Members in 2019

Announcement of the 2019 LMS Prize winners

Agenda and Papers

Members' Book Signing

3.45 pm Paul Shafer (Leeds) 

An introduction to computable functions and computable structures.

Abstract: This introduction to computability theory will serve as support for Prof. Khoussainov's Aitken Lecture.  We will discuss computable functions, the halting problem and non-computable functions, and computably enumerable sets.  We will also discuss computational aspects of countable structures, paying special attention to countable linear orders and countable groups.

4.45 pm Tea & Coffee

5.15 pm Aitken Lecture 2019:  Bakh Khoussainov (University of Auckland)

Semigroups, groups, algebras, and their finitely presented expansions.​​​​​​​

The meeting will be followed by a reception at the Ambassadors' Hotel. Bloomsbury and the LMS Society Dinner also the Ambassadors' Hotel, Bloomsbury.

Registration: Places are free and include refreshments. To help us with numbers for catering, please register for your place here.

LMS Society Dinner: There will also be a Society Dinner held at the Ambassadors' Hotel, Bloomsbury at 7.30 pm.  Tickets for the Society Dinner are £35.00 per person (payable in advance by cheque to "London Mathematical Society".  Please send cheques to LMS Society Dinner, c/o Elizabeth Fisher, LMS, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HS). To sign up for the Society Dinner, please email Elizabeth Fisher by 26 June 2019. If you have any special requirements (e.g. dietary, access), please let Elizabeth know when registering.

Graduate Student Meeting

Location: Mary Ward House

Meeting Date: 
Friday, 28 June, 2019  Meeting Time: 
10:00 am


This meeting is intended as an introduction to the Society Meeting later in the day.  All graduate students (and indeed any other mathematicians) will be very welcome.

09.30 Coffee and Registration,

10.00 Dr Robert Gray (UEA)

Title: Presentations of semigroups, groups and other algebraic structures 

Abstract: Presentations are a fundamental tool for describing algebraic objects as homomorphic images of free objects. In this talk I will give an introduction to the theory of presentations of algebraic structures in terms of generators and relations. I will also say something about some of the key algebraic and computational notions which arise in this context such as residual finiteness and the word problem.  

11.00 Coffee/Tea

11.30 Graduate student talks 

  • Dimitris Michailidis (Kent) Path theoretic bases for the irreducible representations of type B Temperley-Lieb algebra.
  • Cesare Giulio Ardito (Manchester) Lowering expectations in modular representation theory.
  • Rene Garcia (Leeds) The moduli space of vortex-antivortex pairs
  • Aras Asaad (Buckingham) Persistent Homology to Detect Fake Face Images

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Graduate student talks 

  • Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda (UEA) Decision Problems for Groups and Semigroups
  • Nick Williams (Leicester) Nice triangulations of cyclic polytopes
  • Tasmin Symons (Imperial College) Aspects of geo-temporal Gaussian random fields.
  • Swinda Falkena (Reading) Derivation of Delay Equation Climate Models using Projection Methods.
14.25 Award prizes

14.30 Close of Graduate Student Meeting

We would like to invite graduate students to give short talks (15 minutes) aimed at a general mathematical audience. Prizes will be awarded for the best two talks. If you would like to give a talk, please email Elizabeth Fisher with your title and a short abstract.

Funding for Travel and Accommodation: For students who attend both the Graduate Student Meeting and the LMS General Meeting, the Society offers funding of up to £50 towards travel costs, and funding of up to £50 towards accommodation costs (for those travelling long distances).

Places are free and tea/coffee and lunch will be provided.

Register for your place here

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