Book donations to universities in economically developing countries

The Society understands that donors may wish to donate their books to universities in economically developing countries.

The Library Committee suggests donors may wish to consider the following schemes, which are run by other mathematical societies to facilitate books donations to universities. 

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) runs the Book Donation Program: 

The programme aims to match donors of certain types of mathematical materials with recipient institutions or libraries in countries where there is a need for mathematical research books. Potential donors can notify the AMS of their available donations, which are then (if suitable) listed on this website  and potential recipients from eligible countries can browse the list of available items and apply to the AMS for the materials. If a match is made, the AMS will nofity the donor with instructions on shipping directly to the recipient. Shipments are not made to the AMS but the donor is reimbursed by the AMS for the shipping costs.

Questions should be sent to the AMS Professional Programs Department at 800-321-4267, ext. 4096, or Book Donation Program. Further details about the programme can be found here.

The European Mathematical Society Committee for Developing Countries runs a Book Donation Scheme:

The scheme aims to send books donated by mathematicians to institutes and departments in the developing world. The EMS Committee has a list of recipients who have promised to make available to all local mathematicians freely the donated material, and to keep it in good condition. To help with shipping costs, the EMS Committee receives financial support, on a case-by-case basis, by ICTP, American Mathematical Society, London Mathematical Society, Zentralblatt, The Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education (NUFU), and their own very limited funds. 

Possible donor can contact Further details about the programme can be found here.

 Please note that these schemes are not run by the London Mathematical Society and further queries should be address to the relevant Society.  

The Society is aware of these two schemes and so included them here. If there are other similar schemes, which facilitate the donation of mathematical books and can be included here, please email with further details. Decisions to promote schemes are at the discretion of the LMS Librarian.

If potential donors would like to donate to the LMS Library, further details can be found here.