ICM 2022

Particiption in the virtual International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 (ICM 2022) is free and open to all, but requires prior registration. You can register now here.

The ICM 2022 will take place as a fully virtual event over 6–14 July 2022. The schedule is available here. Lectures will take place between 9:00–18:00 CEST every day. Those who previously registered for the now-cancelled ICM in Saint Petersburg will need to register again for the virtual ICM 2022, as registrations will not be carried over.

Key dates: 

  • 3–4 July: Prior to ICM 2022, the IMU will host its 19th General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland, at the Scandic Grand Marina & Marina Congress Center.
  • 5 July: The IMU Award Ceremony 2022 will be held as a live event in Helsinki, Finland at Aalto University. Here the winners of the Fields Medals, IMU Abacus Medal, Chern Medal Award, Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize and Leelavati Prize will be announced. The event will be streamed live.
  • 6 July: The 2022 Fields Medalists and IMU Abacus Medalist will give prize winner lectures live in Helsinki, Finland. Admission to the lectures will be open to all who wish to attend. The lectures will also be streamed live. 
  • 7 July: The LMS Society Meeting at the ICM will be held at the University of Copenhagen and online; the speaker is Karen Vogtmann. See details here.

There are also efforts within the mathematical community to organise in-person and online events to complement the virtual ICM 2022. The LMS will be hosting three online mathematics public lectures on 8, 11 and 13 July. The speakers will be Geordie Williamson (Sydney), Elena Giorgi (Columbia) and Tadashi Tokieda (Stanford). See details here.


Last updated 15/06/2022