LMS Evidence Bank

During the last decade, the LMS has collated a great deal of data and published many reports on the Mathematical Sciences research landscape and academic community. Topics have ranged from the people pipeline and PhD funding to the economic benefits of the discipline to the UK. These reports have supported the Society to respond to numerous enquiries and consultation by government, helped to inform discussions with research funders, and enabled individual departments to benchmark their achievements and progress nationally. Going forward, a focus of the LMS is going to be to ensure the underlying data is kept up-to-date for key issues and to adapt it to address new concerns within the community as they arise.

We have tried to organize our reports to make them easy to find:

We hope that you will fin the information that you are looking for. If you can’t or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact Katherine Wright, the Society and Research Officer (katherine.wright@lms.ac.uk).

Iain Gordon, Vice-President and Research Policy Committee Convenor, March 2021