LMS-NZMS Forder and Aitken Lectureships




Forder Lectureship

In 1986 the Council of the London Mathematical Society, in consultation with Officers of the New Zealand Mathematical Society, instituted a Lectureship to New Zealand. The Lectureship is named after the late Professor H. G. Forder, formerly of the University of Auckland, and a benefactor of the London Mathematical Society.

The Forder Lectureship normally occurs every two years (in even-numbered years) when a mathematician from the UK, who is a member of the London Mathematical Society and normally resident in the United Kingdom, is invited by both Societies to give lectures at most universities in New Zealand over a period of four weeks.

Forder lecturers are chosen for their eminent contribution as a research mathematician and who can also speak effectively at a more popular level. 

Forder Lecturer 2018

The Forder Lecturer will be Professor Valerie Isham who will visit New Zealand in 2018.  Further details of her lecture tour will be available soon.

Previous holders of the Forder Lectureship have included:

Year Name Year Name 
1987 Christopher Zeeman 2003 Caroline Series
1989 Michael Atiyah 2005 Martin Bridson
1991 Peter Whittle 2008 Peter Cameron
1993 Roger Penrose 2010 Ben Green
1995 Elmer Rees 2012 Geoffrey Grimmett
1997 Ian Stewart 2015 Endre Suli
1999 Michael Berry 2016 Julia Gog
2001 Tom Körner    


Aitken Lectureship

In 2009, the London Mathematical Society and New Zealand Mathematical Society agreed to set up a new lectureship which is named after Professor A. Aitken, one of New Zealand’s great mathematicians.

The Aitken Lectureship occurs every two years (in odd-numbered years) when a mathematician from New Zealand is invited by both Societies to give lectures at different universities around the UK over a period of several weeks.

Aitken Lecturer 2017

Professor Hinke Osinga will be the fourth holder of the Aitken Lectureship.  She will visit the UK in October 2017 and further details of her tour will appear in due course.

Previous holders of the Aitken Lectureship have included:

Year Name
2015 Steven Galbraith
2013 Robert Mclachlan
2011 Geoff Whittle