Hardy Lectureship

The LMS Hardy Lectureship is named after G.H. Hardy, former President of the Society and De Morgan Medallist. It is normally awarded in even numbered years, to a distinguished overseas mathematician.  

The LMS Hardy Lecturer visits the UK for a period of about two weeks, and gives the Hardy Lecture at a Society meeting, normally held in London in July. The LMS Hardy Lecturer also gives at least six other lectures, on different topics, at other venues in the UK; the schedule is decided by the Programme Secretary in consultation with the LMS Hardy Lecturer, and is designed to allow as many UK mathematicians as possible to benefit from the LMS Hardy Lecturer's presence in the UK.

Hardy Lectureship 2018

Nominations for the Hardy Lectureship Tour in 2018 are now closed.  The Hardy Lecturer 2018 will be announced in the November edition of the Newsletter.

Hardy Lectureship Guidelines

Hardy Lectureship 2016

The Society was pleased to host Professor Jacob Lurie (Harvard University) as the LMS Hardy Lecturer for 2016.  

Professor Lurie undertook a lecture tour of the UK in the June and July, which ended with the Hardy Lecture at the Society Meeting on Friday 8 July in London.

During the Hardy Lecture Tour, Jacob Lurie gave eight lectures while he visited: 

Oxrford (20 June), Formal Moduli Problems, Southampton (22 June)Nonabelian Poincaré Duality

Aberdeen (24 June)On the Classification of Topological Field Theories, Glasgow (27 June), Elliptic Cohomology

Leicester (30 June), Weil's Conjecture for Function Fields, Sheffield (5 July) Elliptic Cohomology

Cambridge (6 July). Nonabelian Poincaré Duality, London (8 July) Weil's Conjecture for Function Fields

For general enquiries about the Hardy Lectures, please contact Elizabeth Fisher (lmsmeetings@lms.ac.uk).