List of LMS Invited Lecturers

  • 2023 F. Santambrogio, (Université Lyon 1)
    Optimal transport and its applications
    Durham University, 17-21 July
  • 2022 G. Kutyniok (LMU, Munich)
    Mathematics of Deep Learning
    Hybrid, hosted by Cambridge University at the INI and online, 28 February - 4 March
  • 2021 (postponed to 2022). Olga Kharlampovich (CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College)
    Equations in Groups and Complexity 
    Newcastle University, 18-22 July 2022
  • 2020 Y.  Mishura (University of Kyiv)
    Fractional Calculus and Fractional Stochastic Calculus, including Rough-Paths, with Applications.  
    Zoom, hosted by Brunel, 15-19 June
  • 2019 S. Asmussen (Aarhus University)
    Advanced topics in life insurance mathematics  
    ICMS, Edinburgh, 20-24 May
  • 2018 A. Owen (Stanford)
    From the Foundations of Simulation to Quasi Monte Carlo  
    Warwick University, 9-13 July
  • 2017 J. Agler (UC San Diego)
    Function Theory by Hilbert Space Methods   
    Newcastle University, 18-22 April
  • 2016  E. Knobloch (UC Berkeley)
    Dynamics, Patterns and Spatially Localised Structures.   
    Loughborough University, 21-24 March​
  • 2015  M. Shapiro (Michigan State University)
    Cluster algebras and integrable systems
    Durham University, 16-20 March
  • 2014 J. Väänänen (Amsterdam and Helsinki)
    Games, trees and models.
    Foundations of mathematics and second order logic
    The mathematical theory of dependence and independence
    London and UEA, 14-17 April
  • 2013 F. Bogomolov (Courant Institute, NYU)
    Birational Geometry and Galois Groups. 
    Edinburgh University, 10-14 June
  • 2012 A. Borodin (MIT)
    Determinantal Point Processes and Representation Theory 
    Glasgow University, 26-30 March
  • 2011 E. Candes (Stanford)
    Compressive Sensing
    University of Cambridge, 21-25 March
  • 2010 M. Bramson (University of Minnesota)
    Stability of Queuing Networks
    WIMCS, hosted by University of Wales Swansea, 12-16 April
  • 2009  A.D. Ionescu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    Black holes in vacuum: examples and uniqueness properties
    University of Edinburgh ,  31 March - 4 April
  • 2008 A. Okounkov (Princeton)
    Random Surfaces
    Imperial College London, 7-11 April
  • 2007 D. Ben-Zvi (University of Texas, Austin)
    The Geometric Langlands Correspondence
    Oxford, 10-14 April
  • 2006 M.F. Singer (North Carolina State University)
    Introduction to the Galois Theory of Differential and Difference Equations
    Heriot-Watt University, 31 July - 4 August
  • 2004 M.W. Davis, (Ohio State University)
    The Geometry and Topology of Coxeter Groups
    Southampton, 5-9 July
  • 2003 M. Fukushima, (Kansai)
    Dirichlet Forms and related Stochastic Analysis
    Swansea, 24-30 August
  • 2002 P. Van Moerbeke (Louvain/Brandeis)
    Random Matrices, Random Permutations and Integrable Lattices
    Leeds, 27 June - 2 July
  • 2001 T. Goodwille (Brown University)
    Calculus of Functors
    Aberdeen, 18-23 June
  • 2000 B. Dubrovin (SISSA, Trieste)
    The geometry of isomonodromic deformations
    Oxford, 20-24 March
  • 1999 A. Mielke
    Reduction Methods for Differential Equations
  • 1998 D. Zagier
    Aspects of SL(2,Z): binary quadratic forms and modular forms
  • 1997 J.L. Alperin
    Characters, Subgroups and Modules
  • 1996 F.J. Almgren
    Geometric Measure Theory and the Calculus of Variations
  • 1995 P.F.Baum
    Trees, Buildings, Symmetric Spaces and K-theory for Group C*-Algebras
  • 1994 J. Madore
    Matrix Geometry and Physics
  • 1993 L. De Branges
    Factorization and Invariant Subspaces
  • 1992 P.J. Olver
    Symmetry and Equivalence of Differential Equations
  • 1991 J. E. Marsden
    Mechanics and Symmetry
  • 1990 R. Melrose
    Spectral and Inverse Spectral Theory of the Dirichlet Problem in a Planar Domain