Caring Supplementary Grants

Objectives: To enable parents and carers to attend conferences and other research schools, meetings or visits by making a supplementary contribution towards caring costs

Eligibility: Any mathematician in the UK is eligible to apply for a grant. If the applicant is not a member then the application must be countersigned by an LMS member.


  • Candidates should first approach the institution or event (conference, school, research visit) organisers to see if any arrangements for funding caring costs are in place, and contact other bodies for support, before applying for the LMS grants. It is the LMS view that institutions should make provision for caring costs but, while this is not largely the case, the Society is willing to make a supplementary grant as a contribution to the costs.
  • Confirmation of participation and the extra reasonable costs associated with care that will be incurred is required before payment of the grant can be made.
  • Applications are open year-round and there is no deadline. Applications are considered by the London Mathematical Society's Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics in four rounds per year. The first round will take place in September and thereafter on a quarterly basis.
  • Grants will not be made for activities that have already occurred at the time of decision. 
  • The Committee will not normally fund more than one grant per family per conference.
  • The Committee will not normally award more than one grant per person per year.
  • Each case will be considered on its individual merits.
  • A report will be required after the conference or meeting has taken place.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have not already received support for caring costs from other sources.
  • Priority will be given to early career applicants.
  • Only mathematicians based in the UK may apply.  UK mathematicians may not apply on behalf of mathematicians visiting from outside the UK.
  • PhD students should submit a letter of support from their department with their application.

Value of award: The maximum award is £200.

When to submit:

Applications for Caring Grants are open year-round. Applications are considered by the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics and candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application shortly after the decision is made. The first round of decisions is made in September and thereafter on a quarterly basis.

Queries regarding applications can be addressed to the Grants Administrator who will be pleased to discuss proposals informally with potential applicants and give advice on the submission of an application.

Grant Administrator:  Kieran O'Connor (email:

Information and Guidance notes:

Application Form:

Report Form


The Athena Forum has published a statement on tax exemption for childcare costs incurred while undertaken work-related training.

HMRC provides information and guidance for both employers and employees about tax contributions on employer-supported childcare.  This can be found on the HMRC website

HMRC's tax guide for Expenses and Benefits can be found here with guidance with regards to 'work related training' on page 22.  Further HMRC guidance can be found here, and information about childcare costs incurred during such training can be found here.  The University of Warwick's Equality and Diversity website contains information on its Conference Support Awards scheme and some information about this scheme in relation to Work Related Training which may be of use to other institutions.

Please note that the Society is unable to provide advice on any tax-related issues regarding childcare.  Please contact HMRC directly.