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Associated Workshop
 17 January 2024  Bath

South West & South Wales Regional Meeting 

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society

  •  Dan Ciubotaru (Oxford)
  • Radha Kessar (Manchester)

  • Martin Liebeck (Imperial)

 17 November 2023  Mary Ward House, London, and online via Zoom.  Annual General Meeting & Presidential Address 2023  
  • Presidential Address: Ulrike Tillmann FRS (INI, Cambridge)
  • Accompanying Lecture: Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge)
 19 October 2023 ICMS, Edinburgh.

Mary Cartwright Lecture and Society Meeting

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Mary Cartwright Lecturer: Tara Brendle (Glasgow)
  • Dan Margalit (Georgia Institute of Technology)
 13 October 2023 De Morgan House, London, and Online, hosted by the LMS.

Joint Meeting with the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications.

Theme: Mathematics of AI.

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • David Saad (Aston University),
  • Michael Bronstein (University of Oxford),
  • Gitta Kutyniok (LMU München),
  • Lisa Kreusser (University of Bath)
  • Petar Veličković (DeepMind and University of Cambridge)
 3-4 October 2023 Online, hosted by the ICMS

Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2023

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society

  • Nicole Joseph (Peabody College) 
  • Luke Davis (UCL)
  • Fatumah Atuhaire (Southampton University)
  • Dr Megel Barker (TASIS The American School in England)
  • Gilbert Owusu (President of the ORS)
  • Manuela Souza (Universidade Federal da Bahia).
 4 September 2023  King's Manor, University of York

LMS Northern Regional Meeting & Workshop

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Anne Schilling (UC Davis): The mystery of plethysm
  • Lewis Topley (Bath) What the W?
  • Beth Romano (KCL) Graded Lie algebras and applications to number theory
 30 June 2023 Mary Ward House, London, and online via Zoom. General Meeting & Hardy Lecture 2023  
  • Hardy Lecturer: Eva Miranda (UPC-Barcelona)
  • Sir Roger Penrose FRS (Oxford)
4 April 2023 Bath

Society Meeting at the BMC 2023

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  Tim Browning (IST Austria)
 27 March 2023 Warwick  

LMS Midlands Regional Meeting

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society

  • Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol University), 
  • Michael Magee (Durham University)
  • Mark Pollicott (Warwick University).
17 January 2023 Southampton

 South West & South Wales Regional Meeting & Workshop 2023


This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

The topic for this meeting was Geometric Group Theory.
  • Peter Kropholler, Professor of Mathematics within Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton.
  • Karen Vogtmann, Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick.
  • Ian Leary Professor of Mathematics within Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton
18 November 2022 Goodenough College, London, and online LMS Annual General Meeting & Naylor Lecture 2022  
  • Naylor Lecturer: Endre Suli (Oxford)
  • Josef Malek (Charles University)
4-5 October 2022   Zoom, hosted by the ICMS

 Black Heroes of Mathematics.

  • Sophie Dabo-Niang (Université de Lille)
  • Toluope Fadina (Essex)
  • Tosin Babasola (Bath)
  • John Urschel (MIT)
  • Aris Winger (Georgia Gwinnett College)
  • Nandi Leslie (AIMS Senegal)
  • Ejay Nsugbe (Nsugbe Research Labs)
  • Franck Kalala Mutombo (AIMS Cameroon)
16 September 2022  De Morgan House, London, and Zoom   Joint LMS-IMA-BSHM Meeting: Women in Astronomy  
  • Dr Meg Schwamb (Queen’s University Belfast),
  • Dr Isabelle Lémonon Waxin (Cermes3),
  • Dr Isobel Falconer (University of St Andrews),
  • Professor Suzanne Aigrain (Oxford University),
  • Dr. Mathilde Jauzac (Durham University)
7 July 2022 University of Copenhagen LMS Meeting at the Virtual ICM   LMS Lecturer: Karen Vogtmann (Warwick
 1 July 2022 BMA House, London LMS General Meeting & Aitken Lecture 2022.  
  • Aitken Lecturer: Lisa Orloff-Clark (Victoria University, Wellington) Equivalence relations, topology and C*-algebras
  • Becky Armstrong (Muenster) Groupoidology
 7 June 2022  King's College, London

LMS Meeting at the BMC 2022

  Isabelle Gallagher (École Normale Supérieure)
24 May 2022  Leeds Northern Regional Meeting  
  • Bethany Marsh (Leeds),
  • Peter Jorgensen (Aarhus),
  • Sibylle Schroll (Koeln). 
6 May 2022  De Morgan House, London and online via Zoom

LMS Society Meeting & Hirst Lecture.


  • Hirst Lecturer: Karine Chemla (CNRS).
  • Accompanying speaker: Serafina Cuomo (Durham)
 4 April 2022  Birmingham

LMS Midlands Regional Meeting  2022

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

LMS Midlands Regional  Workshop 2022
  •  Frances Kirwan (Oxford).
  • Diane Maclagan (Warwick).
  • Richard Thomas (Imperial College).
 4 March 2022 De Morgan House, London and online

Diverse Perspectives on Alan Turing

This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Sir Dermot Turing
  • Stephen H Muggleton (Imperial)
  • Andrew Hodges (Oxford)
  • Debbie Marriott (Bank of England)
  • Jonathan Dawes (Bath)
 4 January 2022 Online, hosted by Swansea

South West & South Wales Regional Meeting 

 South West & South Wales Regional Workshop
  • Anastasia Doikou (Edinburgh);
  • Shahn Majid (London);
  • Leandro Vendramin (Brussels)
 12 November 2021   Goodenough College, London  Annual General Meeting & Presidential Address  
  • Presidential Address: Jon Keating (Oxford)
  • Accompanying Lecture: Jens Marklof (Bristol)
 5-6 October 2021  Online, hosted by the ICMS  Joint Meeting to celebrate Black Heroes of Mathematics. Hosted in partnership with The British Society for the History of Mathematicsthe International Centre for Mathematical Sciencesthe Institute of Mathematics and its Applicationsthe Isaac Newton Institute, and the Mathematical Association  
  • Jude Kong (York University, Canada),
  • Anotida Madzvamuse (Sussex),
  • Juliet Ojiako (Loughborough),
  • Susan Okereke (Do the Maths Thing),
  • Yohance Osborne (UCL),
  • Mamokgethi Phakeng (Cape Town)
 30 September - 1 October 2021  Online, hosted by ICMS

 LMS/IMA Joint Meeting. Maths in Human Society

  • Desmond Higham (Edinburgh),
  • Ginestra Bianconi (QMUL),
  • Saul Schleimer (Warwick),
  • Elsa Arcaute (UCL).
  • Christian Mue
 7 September  Online, hosted by the University of Bielefeld  LMS Northern Regional Meeting  Northern Regional Workshop
  • Ulrich Bauer (TUM) 

Persistence in functional topology and data analysis

  •  Karin Baur (Leeds) 

Surface combinatorics and module categories

 2 July 2021  Zoom, hosted by the LMS LMS General Meeting & Lecture   Emily Riehl (Johns Hopkins University)
 24 June 2021   Online, hosted by the LMS   Graduate Student Meeting    Meet the Early Career Research Committee event  Markus Land (Copenhagen) 
 22 June 2021  Online, hosted by the 8ECM LMS Meeting at the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM)    James Maynard (Oxford)
 2 June 2021  Online, hosted by the University of Lincoln LMS Midlands Regional Meeting  Midlands Regional Workshop
  • Professor Delaram Kahrobaei (York),
  • Dr Simon Smith (Lincoln), 
  • Professor Alexandre Borovik (Manchester)
 24 May 2021  Online, hosted by ICMS LMS Society Meeting & Mary Cartwright Lecture  
  • Claudia de Rham (Mary Cartwright Lecturer, Imperial College London);
  • Ruth Durrer (Accompanying Lecturer, University of Geneva)
 14 May 2021  Zoom, hosted by the ICMS.  LMS Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meeting: Educational Times Digital Archive Launch, held in partnership with UCL Special Collections  
  • Tony Rawlins (Brunel),
  • Norman Biggs (LSE),
  • Sloan Despeaux (Western Carolina University)
 8 April 2021  Zoom, hosted by the ICMS LMS Society Meeting at the Joint BMC-BAMC 2021    Ciprian Manolescu (Stanford) Khovanov homology and four-manifolds
 7 January 2021  Online, hosted by the Joint Mathematics Meeting  LMS Society Meeting at the Joint Mathematics Meeting.    Sarah Zerbes (UCL)
20 November 2020  Zoom, hosted by ICMS  Annual General Meeting & Naylor Lecture    Professor Nick Higham
 16 November 2020  Zoom, hosted by ICMS  Graduate Student Meeting  

 Theo Mary (Sorbonne)

 Mixed precision arithmetic: hardware, algorithms, and analysis 

 Graduate Student Speakers.

26-27 October 2020 Zoom  LMS-IMA-BSHM Joint Meeting: Black Heroes of Mathematics   
  • Dr Angela Tabiri [AIMS Ghana],
  • Dr Nkechi Agwu [CUNY],
  • Professor Tannie Liverpool [Bristol],
  • Professor Edray Goins (Pomona College),
  • Dr Spencer Becker Kahn (Cambridge),
  • Dr Howard Haughton (KCL)
1-2 October 2020 Zoom LMS-IMA Joint Meeting: Topological methods in Data Science  
  • Gueorgui Mihaylov (King's College London)
  • Vidit Nanda (Oxford),
  • Kathryn Hess (EPFL),
  • Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford),
  • Ran Levi (Aberdeen)
26 June 2020 Zoom


 LMS Hardy Lecture 2020
 Peter Sarnak (IAS, Princeton)
 Gap Sets for the Spectra of Cubic Graphs
19 June 2020 Zoom Graduate Student Meeting  
 Peter Varju (Cambridge)

Random Polynomials and Randon Walks

15 January 2020 Bristol

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

 29 November 2019 London  Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address   Presidential Address 2019: Caroline Series (Warwick)
 Accompanying speaker: Marc Lackenby (Oxford)
29 November 2019 London LMS Winter Graduate Student Meeting 2019  
  • Professor David Singerman (University of Southhampton)
  • Dr Viveka Erlandsson (University of Auckland)
21 November 2019  Reading

Joint Meeting with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

  • Michael Ghil (UCLA & Ecole Normale Superieure),
  • Beth Wingate (Exeter),
  • Sandro Vaienti (CPT-Luminy & University of Toulon),
  • Kathrin Padberg-Gehle (Luneburg),
  • Peter Ashwin (Exeter),
  • Jacques Vanneste (Edinburgh),
  • Tobias Kuna (University of Reading
 11 September 2019 Nottingham Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop Zeta functions in number theory and mathematical physics
  • Nina Snaith (Bristol) Random matrix theory, the Riemann zeta function and elliptic curves.
  •  John Coates (University of Cambridge) Non-Vanishing of L-values and the exact Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer formula
  •  Mark Pollicott (Warwick) Dynamical zeta functions and their applications.
28 June 2019 Mary Ward House, London  General Meeting of the Society & Aitken Lecture    Aitken Lecturer 2019: Bakh Khoussainov (Auckland)
  Semigroups, groups, algebras, and their finitely presented expansions.
 Accompanying speaker: Paul Shafer (Leeds)
An introduction to computable functions and computable structures.
28 June 2019 Mary Ward House, London  Summer Graduate Student Meeting  
  • Dimitris Michailidis (Kent) Path theoretic bases for the irreducible representations of type B Temperley-Lieb algebra.
  • Cesare Giulio Ardito (Manchester) Lowering expectations in modular representation theory.
  • Rene Garcia (Leeds) The moduli space of vortex-antivortex pairs
  • Aras Asaad (Buckingham) Persistent Homology to Detect Fake Face Images
  • Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda (UEA) Decision Problems for Groups and Semigroups
  • Nick Williams (Leicester) Nice triangulations of cyclic polytopes
  • Tasmin Symons (Imperial College) Aspects of geo-temporal Gaussian random fields.
  • Swinda Falkena (Reading) Derivation of Delay Equation Climate Models using Projection Methods.
28 May 2019 Newcastle

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

Higher Homological Algebra

Karin Baur (Universities of Graz and Leeds)

CM Modules for Grassmannians

Sibylle Schroll (University of Leicester)
Geometric models and derived invariants for gentle algebras
 10 April 2019  Lancaster

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.


 Kathryn Hess, (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)

  Topological Adventures in Neuroscience

 5 April 2019  ICMS, Edinburgh

 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.

Mary Cartwright Lecturer 2019: Beatrice Pelloni (Heriot-Watt)
  Nonlinear Transforms in the Study of Fluid Dynamics
 Accompanying speaker: Karima Khusnutdinova (Loughborough University)
  Integrable and Near-Integrable Models for Surface and Internal Waves in Stratified Shear Flows
 21 March 2019 De Morgan House, London
 This was an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.
Hirst Lecturer 2019: Jeremy Gray (OU and Warwick)
  Jesse Douglas, Minimal Surfaces, and the first Fields Medal
 Accompanying speaker: June Barrow-Green (OU)
  George Birkhoff: “The Poincaré of America”
17 December 2018 Exeter  
 Keith Ball (University of Warwick)
  Rational approximations to the zeta function
 Min Lee (University of Bristol)
  Applications of trace formulas for GL(2)
 Jens Marklof (University of Bristol)
   Chaos and randomness modulo one: the interplay of number theory and dynamical systems 
9 November 2018 BMA House, London LMS Annual General Meeting and Naylor Lecture  
Naylor Lecturer 2018:
John R. King (Nottingham)
Blow-Up Phenomena in Reaction Diffusion. 
Accompanying speaker: Manuel del Pino (Bath)
Singularity Formation and Bubbling in Nonlinear Diffusions.
9 November 2018 BMA House, London  LMS Graduate Student Meeting  

 Graduate student talks:

Fatumah Atuhaire (Southampton) in conjunction with Rachel Simmons, Ben MacArthur and Rebecca Hoyle. Mathematical Modelling of Buruli Ulcer Lesion Development
Adam Barker (Reading) Transience and Recurrence of Markov Processes with Constrained Local Time
Francisco de Melo Viríssimo (Bath) Multilayered flows in the shallow water limit: formulation, dynamics and stability
Duc Lam Duong (Sussex) Regularity for hyperbolic conservation laws and application in Bayesian inversion
Kevin Smith (Exeter) Moments of the Riemann zeta function and the correlation of higher order divisor functions
9 October 2018 Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
  100 years of quantitative genetics theory and its applications: celebrating the centenary of Fisher 1918
Joint Meeting with the Fisher Memorial Trust, the Genetics Society, the Galton Institute and the Royal Statistical Society.
Recordings of the lectures are available  here.
Nick Barton (Kloster Neuburg)
The Infinitesimal Model
Josephine Pemberton (Edinburgh)
Quantitative genetics of free-living populations: successes and challenges
Sharon Browning (Seattle)
Identity by Descent and The Correlation Between Distant Relatives
Heather Cordell (Newcastle)
Regional IBD Analysis (RIA): linkage analysis in extended pedigrees using genome-wide SNP data
Ed Buckler (Ithaca)
How to get to Plant Breeding 4.0, given that Fisher was right?
Richard Mott (London)
Genomic rearrangements in Arabidopsis considered as quantitative traits
Jarrod Hadfield (Edinburgh)
Hamilton's rule in multiple dimensions
Fisher Memorial Lecture: Michael Goddard (Melbourne)
The Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits
11 September 2018 De Morgan House, London LMS-Joint Meeting to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Emmy Noether's paper on Conservation Laws  
Katherine Brading (Duke University)
Elizabeth Mansfield (University of Kent)
Norbert Schappacher (I.R.M.A. / U.F.R. de mathématique et d’informatique)
On Emmy Noether’s conceptual mathematics
Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
7 August 2018 ICM 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil LMS Society Meeting at the ICM 2018  
LMS Lecturer 2018:
Marta Sanz-Solé (Barcelona)
From glambling to random modelling
29 June 2018 BMA House, London LMS General Meeting and Hardy Lecture 2018  
Hardy Lecturer 2018:
Lauren Williams (UC Berkeley)
The positive Grassmannian and shallow water waves
Accompanying speaker: Konstanze Rietsch (King's College, London) 
Grassmanians and Polytopes
29 June 2018 BMA House, London  LMS Summer Graduate Student Meeting 2018  

Graduate student talks:

Aras Tawfeeq Asaad (Buckingham) Topology-based Analysis for Image Tamper Detection and Related Applications
Rudradip Biswas (Manchester) On Don Zagier’s Famous 1-sentence Proof
Rafael Prieto Curiel (University College London)
The Mathematics of the Fear of Crime
Hasan M. S. Shlaka (Leicester) Classical Simple Lie Algebras
13 June 2018 St. Andrews LMS Society Meeting at the BMC 2018  
Laura DeMarco (Northwestern University)
Complex dynamics and arithmetic equidistribution 
4 June 2018 Leicester
Galois Covers, Grothendieck-Teichmüller Theory and Dessins D'enfants
Minhyong Kim (University of Oxford)
Diophantine geometry and principal bundles
Leila Schneps (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu Paris) 
Pro-unipotent Grothendieck-Teichmüller theory: surprising connections with number theory
Fabrizio Catanese (University of Bayreuth) 
Mathematical Mysteries behind the Interplay of Algebra and Topology in Moduli Theory
25 May 2018 University of Northumbria, Newcastle
Advances in the Theory of Nonlinear Waves
Tamara Grava (Bristol & SISSA)
Long time asymptotic behaviour of dispersive equations with step-like initial data
Noel Smyth (Edinburgh)
Water waves, undular bores and resonances
Sara Lombardo (Loughborough)
Spectra as complex curves: understanding instabilities of nonlinear waves by means of elementary algebraic-geometry
22 March 2018 Warwick LMS Society Meeting in Honour of Maryam Mirzakhani (1977 - 2017); Fields Medallist and LMS Honorary Member. 2017-2018 Warwick EPSRC Symposium workshop on Teichmüller dynamics
Anton Zorich (Paris) 
Mirzakhani's count of simple closed geodesics
Alex Wright (Stanford)
Mirzakhani's computation of Weil-Petersson volumes and intersection numbers
2 March 2018 De Morgan House, London Mary Cartwright Lecture & Society Meeting  
Mary Cartwright Lecturer 2018:
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge)
 Model-based learning in imaging.
Accompanying Speaker: Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA)
 Geometric graph-based methods for high dimensional data.

10 January 2018

San Diego Society Meeting at the Joint Mathematics Meeting.
James McKernan FRS (UCSD) 
How many equations does one need to define a variety?

13 December 2017

Cardiff South West and South Wales Regional Meeting  
Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, London)
 Braided algebra and dual bases on quantum groups
Ingo Runkel (Hamburg) 
 Categorification and field theory
10 November 2017 BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
Presidential Address: Simon Tavaré (Cambridge; CRUK) 
 The magical Ewens Sampling Formula
Zoubin Ghahramani (Cambridge; Uber)
 Bayesian statistics, non-parametrics, neural networks, and artificial intelligence
10 November 2017 
BMA House, Tavistock Square, London Graduate Student Meeting
Ioanna Manolopoulou (Statistics,  UCL)
 Clustering Variable-Length Order Statistics in Retail Analytics
Hao Ni (Maths, UCL) 
 Modelling the Effects of Data Streams using the Rough Paths Theory
12 October 2017
De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London
Evelyne Hubert (INRIA Méditerranée)
 Invariants of ternary forms under the orthogonal group
Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard (Trondheim)
  A fresh look at the Magnus expansion 
Peter Neumann (Oxford)
 An introduction to Computational Group Theory
Gloria Marí Beffa (U Wisconsin-Madison)
 Discrete Geometry of polygons and Soliton Equations
Darryl Holm (Imperial)
 Stochastic Transport in Fluid Dynamics
18 September 2017 Loughborough Midlands Regional Meeting  Midlands Regional  Workshop
Giovanni Felder (ETH, Zurich)
 Pairs of commuting matrices and Macdonald identities
Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
 The critical locus of the Higgs bundle integrable system.
Nikita Nekrasov (Simons Center, Stony Brook).
 Magnificent Four
30 June 2017 BMA House, London General Society Meeting  
Sheehan Olver (Imperial) 
 The Sokhotski–Plemelj theorem, singular integrals, and solving PDEs
Gwyneth Stallard (Open University)
 Complex analysis and complex dynamics: fruitful interactions
30 June 2017 BMA House, London Graduate Student Meeting  
Dan Nicks (Nottingham)
 Julia sets in higher dimensions
Jean-Marc Vanden Broecke (UCL)
 Applications of complex variable techniques to nonlinear free surface flows
1 June 2017
Fran Burstall (University of Bath)
 Conformal submanifold theory for beginners
Marta Mazzocco (University of Loughborough)
 Colliding holes in Riemann surfaces
Dominic Joyce (University of Oxford)
 What is a derived manifold?
5 May 2017
De Morgan House,
57-58 Russell Square, London
Sinéad English
 Information use within and across generations: implications for understanding animal development and non-genetic inheritance.
Mary Cartwright Lecturer 2017:
Rebecca Hoyle (Southampton)
 Transgenerational plasticity and environmental change
3 April 2017
69th British Mathematical Colloquium
 Isabelle Gallagher (Université Paris-Diderot)
  From particle systems to fluid mechanics
20 December 2016 Bath LMS South West & South Wales Regional Meeting
Simon Donaldson FRS (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, and Imperial College London)
Carlos Conca (Universidad de Chile).
11 November 2016
BMA House, 
Tavistock Square,
The LMS Annual Dinner was held in the evening.
Alan R. Champneys (Bristol)
Naylor Lecturer 2016:
S. Jon Chapman (Oxford)
11 November 2016
BMA House,
Tavistock Square,
Chris Howls (Southampton)
Philippe Trinh (Oxford)
27 October 2016
RSS, 12 Errol Street, London
 Joint Meeting with the Royal Statistical Society and Fisher Trust  
Neil Lawrence (Sheffield)
Johan Koskinen (Manchester)
35th Fisher Memorial Trust Lecturer
Nancy Reid (Toronto)
15 September 2016 Birmingham LMS Midlands Regional Meeting & Workshop
Pascal Auscher (Université Paris-Sud, France)
Charles Batty (Oxford)
Tony Carbery (Edinburgh) 
21 July 2016
TU Berlin


Terry Lyons (Oxford)
8 July 2016
JZ Young Lecture Theatre,
UCL, London
First Speaker Tony Scholl (Cambridge)
Hardy Lecturer 2016
Jacob Lurie (Harvard)
8 July 2016
JZ Young Lecture Theatre, 
UCL, London
LMS Graduate Student Meeting  
Ian Grojnowski (Cambridge)
Ambrus Pal (Imperial College)
23 June 2016 Manchester LMS Northern Regional Meeting 2016
23-24 June Northern Regional Workshop on 
Dynamical systems, ergodic theory and applications
Julien Barral (Paris 13)
Henna Koivusalo (York)
Sanju Velani (York)
20 April 2016 St. Andrews LMS Inaugural Hirst Lecture & Society Meeting
Mark McCartney (Ulster)
Hirst Lecturer:
Edmund Robertson (St. Andrews)
21 March 2016
Bristol LMS Society Meeting at the British Mathematical Colloquium 2016   Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research)
26 February 2016
De Morgan House, London
Lasse Rempe-Gillen (Liverpool)
Mary Cartwright Lecturer 2016:
Gwyneth Stallard (Open Univerrsity)
5 February 2016
Paget Room, BMA House
Special General Meeting
14 December 2015 Southampton 150th Anniversary South West & South Wales Regional Meeting
Ralph Cohen (Stanford University)
Ian Leary (University of Southampton)
Jie Wu (National University of Singapore)
10-11 December 2015 ICMS, Edinburgh Joint Meeting with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society  
Jacek Brodzki, University of Southampton
Coralia Cartis, University of Oxford
Ronald Coifman, Yale University 
Ilias Diakonikolas, University of Edinburgh
Colin McDiarmid, University of Oxford
Sofia Olhede, University College London
Igor Rivin, University of St. Andrews
Marian Scott, University of Glasgow
Eva Tardos, Cornell University
28-29 November 2015
QMUL, London
Einstein's Legacy: Celebrating 100 years of General Relativity
Andrew Robinson,
Richard Staley (Cambridge),
Alessandra Buonanno (Max Planck Institute),
Jim Hough (Glasgow),
Pedro Ferreira (Oxford),
John Barrow & Sir Roger Penrose,
Katy Price (QMUL),
Ramesh Narayan (Harvard),
Mihalis Dafermos (Cambridge/Princeton),
Mike Duff (Imperial),
Harry Collins (Cardiff)
13 November 2015
BMA House, London
Bill Cook (University of Waterloo)
Terry Lyons (Oxford); Presidential Address
13 November 2015
BMA House, London
LMS Graduate Student Meeting
Speakers: Dan Crisan (Imperial College), Horatio Boedihardjo (Reading)
Graduate Student Talks:
François-Xavier Briol (Warwick).
Dimitrios Chatzakos (UCL)
Vasiliki Evdoridou (OU)
Sam Fearn (Durham)
Emilio Fedele (KCL)
Irene Pasquinelli (Durham)
18 - 20 September 2015
Plenary talks by Noga Alon, Keith Ball, Béla Bollobás,
Timothy Gowers, Stefanie Petermichl, and Aner Shalev
7 July 2015
Robert Guralnick (Los Angeles)
Colva Roney-Dougal (St. Andrews)
 3 July 2015
BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
Marta Mazzocco, Loughborough
Nalini Joshi, Sydney: LMS 150th Anniversary Hardy Lecturer
3 July 2015
BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
Speakers: Sara Lombardo (Northumbria), Frank Nijhoff, (Leeds)
Graduate Student Talks:
Tahani Al-Karkhi, Essex
Chimere Anabanti, Birkbeck
Gregorio Benincasa, UCL
George Berkeley, Leeds
Bjorn Berntson, UCL
Pierpaolo Calligaris, Loughborough University
Andrea Fontanella, Surrey
Clément Goulet, Paris 1, University of Panthéon-Sorbonne
Mohammad Mahdi Jalali, Edinburgh
Mohammad Reza Jalali, Edinburgh
Omar Karakchi, Essex
Arnaud Trébaol, Paris 1, University of Panthéon-Sorbonne
9 May 2015
De Morgan House, 
Adrian Rice,
Sloan Despeaux,
Chris Hollings
John Heard,
Ian Stewart,
Wilfrid Hodges.
7 April 2015
Peter Neumann, (Oxford)
Dennis Sullivan, (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Ieke Moerdijk, (Radboud University Nijmegen/ Sheffield)
1 April 2015
Andrew Wiles
 Robert Calderbank
 27 February 2015 
 De Morgan House, London
Mathieu Lewin (Université Paris-Dauphine)
Mary Cartwright Lecturer: Maria Esteban (Université Paris-Dauphine)
 17 December 2014
Two Workshops:
Differential Algebra
Rosemary Bailey (QMUL and St. Andrews)
Marius van der Put (Groningen)
 14 November 2014
Naylor Lecture: Nick Trefethen 
E. Brian Davies
6 September 2014 
 Exhibition "Mathematics and the First World War"
Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze
David Aubin
June Barrow-Green
Rossana Tazzioli
Deborah Kent
Joseph Dauben
19 August 2014
Seoul, South Korea
Society Meeting at the ICM 2014
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
4 July 2014
Percy Deift (Hardy Lecturer)
 Nina Snaith (Bristol)
16 June 2014
 16 April 2014
 Blackett Theatre, Imperial College
 8 April 2014 
 31 March 2014
 Easter School on Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory.
 Giovanni Forni
 28 February 2014
 Mary Cartwright Lecture and Society Meeting
 Reidun Twarock (Mary  Cartwright Lecturer)
 16 December 2013
 Categorical and Homological Methods in Hopf Algebras
 15 November 2013 
 Graduate Student Meeting
Graeme Segal (Presidential Address)
 Simon Donaldson
 15 November 2013
 Richard Thomas (Imperial College)
 David Evans (Cardiff)
 5 July 2013
11 June 2013
 Advances in Surface Theory
26 March 2013
 18 March 2013
Triangulations and Mutations
 1 March 2013
Margaret Wright (Mary Cartwright Lecturer)
 16 November 2012
 Naylor Lecture:  Bryce McLeod
16 November 2012
1 October 2012
 L-Functions of Curves
 3 September 2012
 Quantum Probablistic Symmetries
 Matthias Christandl
 Masaki Izumi
 Roland Speicher
 Dan-Virgil Voiculescu
6 June 2012
University of Northumbria, Newcastle
Northern Regional Meeting
Mathematics of Human Biology
Michael Mackey
19 May 2012
LMS Society Meeting
Poincaré Anniversary 
June Barrow-Green
Jeremy Gray
Gerhard Heinzmann
Marc Lackenby
John Stillwell
Scott Walter
18 April 2012
Kent LMS Ordinary Meeting at the BMC  None Idun Reiten
24 February 2012 London Mary Cartwright Lecture None

Tom Lenagan

Agata Smoktunowicz (Mary Cartwright Lecturer)

16 November 2011 London Annual General Meeting Graduate Student Meeting
Alex Wilkie
Angus Macintyre (Presidential Address)
8 October 2011 Exeter South West & South Wales Regional Meeting Iwasawa Theory
John Coates
David Burns
Jürgen Ritter
19 July 2011 Leeds Northern Regional Meeting Homogenous Structures
Gregory Cherlin
Alexander Kerchis
1 July 2011
London London Meeting None
Robert McCann
Cédric Villani
14 June 2011
Birmingham Midlands Regional Meeting Representation Theory Miles Reid
Shaun Stephens
Katherina Stroppel
31 May 2011 London Education Day None Chris Budd
Alexandre Borovik
Jeremy Levesley
Tony Gardiner 
20 April 2011
 Leicester  BMC None Elon Lindenstrauss  
25 February 2011 Oxford Mary Cartwright Lecture None

Alison Etheridge
Peter Donnelley 

6 December 2010
Birational Geometry
Yujiro Kawamata
Yum-Tong Siu
19 November 2010
Annual General Meeting
Philip Maini
(Naylor Lecture)
Helen Byrne
6 September 2010
Midlands Regional Meeting
Erik Christensen
Siegfried Echterho
Ilijas Farah
25 August 2010
Hyderabad, India
LMS Discussion Meeting & Reception at the ICM
Angus Macintyre
John Ball
Frank Neumann
Wandera Ogana
Angel Pineda
Ramadas Ramakrishnan
Felix Shu
2 July 2010
Hardy Lecture
Graduate Student Meeting
Raphaël Rouquier
Hiraku Nakajima (Hardy Lecturer)
21 June 2010
South West & South Wales Regional Meeting
Operator Algebras and Physics
Werner Nahm
Constantin Teleman
14 April 2010
Northern Regional Meeting
Geometry, analysis, and logic of groups
Benson Farb
Michah Sageev
26 February 2010
Mary Cartwright Lecture
Ana Achúcarro
Ruth Gregory
4-6 December 2009
Joint Meeting the Belgian Mathematical Society
20 November 2009
Annual General Meeting
Roger Heath-Brown
Leif Abrahamsson
Rosemary Bailey
Ken Brown
16 September 2009
Midlands Regional Meeting
Derived Categories in Algebra, Topology and Geometry.
Jean-Louis Loday
Idun Reiten
Ulrike Tillmann
15 July 2009
South West and South Wales Regional Meeting
Limit groups and their generalisations
Cornelia Drutu
Jim Howie
Zlil Sela
3 July 2009
London Meeting
Sergiu Klainerman
Gerhard Huisken
27 February 2009
Mary Cartwright Meeting
Simon Donaldson
Dusa McDuff
14 January 2009
Northern Regional Meeting
Postgraduate Student Conference: MAGIC09
Paul Baum
Kathryn Hess
Imre Leader
12 -13 December 2008
Joint meeting with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Laurent Bartholdi
Martin Bridson
Alain Valette
Efim Zelmanov
21 November 2008
Annual General Meeting
Graduate Student Meeting
Graeme Segal
Michael Green (Naylor Lecture)
15 September 2008
South West & South Wales Regional Meeting
Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear PDEs
Nicola Fusco
Istvan Gyöngy
Bert Peletier
17 July 2008
European Congress of Mathematics
4 July 2008
Hardy Lecture
Graduate Student Meeting
Béla Bollobás
Shmuel Weinberger (Hardy Lecturer)
9 June 2008
Midlands Regional Meeting
Harmonic Analysis & Partial Differential Equations
Brian Davies
Fulvio Ricci
Luis Vega
31 March 2008
Northern Regional Meeting
Ergodic Theory and Geometry
Michael Field
Ursula Hamenstädt
8 February 2008
Mary Cartwright Lecture
Sir Richard Peto
Valerie Bera

Details of earlier meetings are available on request.