Impact Acceleration Papers

The LMS-KTN Impact Acceleration Papers (previously the LMS-KTN Knowledge Transfer Papers) are are an initiative coordinated jointly by the IM-KTN and the Computer Science Committee of the LMS. They are produced as an occasional series, each one addressing an area where mathematics and computing have come together to provide significant new capability that is on the cusp of mainstream industrial uptake. They are written by researchers in each chosen area, for a mixed audience in business and government. The reports are designed to raise awareness among managers and decision-makers of new tools and techniques, in a format that allows them to assess rapidly the potential for impact and exploitation in their own fields, alongside information about potential collaborators and suppliers. 


Published Impact Acceleration Papers

The reports can be downloaded below.


Future papers

Further reports are in development, and we will be making copies of these available as they are produced.  Suggestions for suitable topics of future reports are warmly welcomed by the committee, and authors will be awarded an honorarium. For more information and/or to enquire about writing a report, contact Katherine Wright, Society & Research Officer: