Open Access option – Mathematika

Green Open Access

The journal Mathematika accepts submissions available on open archives and allows authors to put the accepted version of their manuscript on arXiv or similar preprint servers. We ask authors to add a DOI link on the preprint server or the repository of the author's institution that links from the preprint version to the published version of the paper in the journal Mathematika .

Gold Open Access

Since May 2011, authors of papers accepted by Mathematika have the option to pay a charge to have their article made freely available online in final published form. Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to indicate on the Licence to Publish form whether they wish their paper to be published under Open Access. If this option is not selected, the paper will be published free of author charge with standard subscription-based access.

The Article Processing Charge for Open Access is $2,700 for papers submitted during 2020. In addition, UK Value Added Tax (VAT)  will apply to payments from the UK and certain payments from within the European Economic Area, at the rate prevalent at the time of payment.  After submitting the signed Licence to Publish form, authors who have selected the Open Access option will receive information on how to pay the charge and will be asked to choose among the licences available (see below).

Author and User licences

If published under the Open Access model, the paper will be distributed under the terms of either

Users of articles published under Open Access will be entitled to use, reproduce, disseminate, or display these articles provided that:

  • the original authorship is properly and fully attributed;
  • the journal and publisher are attributed as the original place of publication with correct citation details given;
  • if an original work is subsequently reproduced or disseminated not in its entirety but only in part or as a derivative work this is clearly indicated;
  • no articles published with the CC-BY-NC licence are reproduced for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and payment to LMS of any appropriate fee.

Users have unrestricted rights to re-use Open Access content for educational and research purposes.

Publisher's obligations

Where an author has indicated on the Licence to Publish form that he or she intends the paper to be published under Open Access, and provided that the appropriate charge has been paid, the paper will be published online and in print as other papers, except that:

  • The paper will be made available without charge to all users who agree to the Creative Commons licence applicable to the paper;
  • The paper will be denoted as Open Access by use of an appropriate symbol in the table of contents published on the Journal's website. 

The London Mathematical Society publishes Mathematika
on behalf of its owner, University College London.