LMS Emmy Noether Fellowships 2022

The London Mathematical Society is delighted to announce that, thanks to the continued generosity of the Liber Stiftung (Liber Foundation), several Emmy Noether Fellowships with a value between £2,000 and £10,000 will be awarded in 2022, up to a total of £25,000. The amount awarded for each fellowship will reflect the individual requirement of the applicant. The fellowships are designed to enhance the mathematical sciences research, broadly construed, of holders either re-establishing their research programme after returning from a major break associated with caring responsibilities or those requiring support to maintain their research programme while dealing with significant ongoing caring responsibilities.

The grants will be tailored to individual needs allowing applicants the flexibility to submit a fellowship application with the proposed spend based on their own particular case. These expenses may include contributions to extra caring costs, travel costs, research assistance or some other support without which the applicant would have difficulty in re-establishing or continuing their research, on the basis of full justification in the application.

In addition to financial support, each Emmy Noether Fellow will have access to mentoring and networking opportunities supported by the host department and the LMS.

The decision to award is delegated to a subcommittee of the London Mathematical Society Women in Mathematics Committee, and will be made on the basis of intellectual merit, clearly articulated research programme, statement of support from the applicant's institution/host institution, and justification of how the Fellowship will enhance the applicant’s career.

In order to be eligible, applicants must have a PhD in Mathematics or closely related subject and be affiliated with a UK University in an academic capacity.

Applications for the 2022 LMS Emmy Noether Fellowships

Applications should be returned to LMS Emmy Noether Fellowships 2022 (womeninmaths@lms.ac.uk). Queries should be directed to James Taylor (womeninmaths@lms.ac.uk). The deadline for applications is Friday 29 April 2022.