Grace Chisholm Young Fellowships

This fellowship, named after Grace Chisholm Young, will give an endorsement of the holder's status as a mathematician, so that a break in formal employment should not prevent them from resuming a career as a mathematician at a later stage.

The Society offers one fellowships each year to a mathematician who needs support when their mathematical career is interrupted by family responsibilities, relocation of partner, or other similar circumstance, making possible some continuous mathematical activity, so enabling the fellow to be in a position to apply for posts when circumstances allow.

Full details about the fellowship, and an application form, are available below.  Please note that applicants must at least have submitted their PhD thesis to be eligible to apply.

Applications should be returned to GCY Fellowships, London Mathematical Society, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HS. Queries to:

The deadline for receipt of applications is 31 December. The decision will be made shortly after this date.

Grace Chisholm Young Fellowships are administered by the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics of the London Mathematical Society. However, the Committee wishes to make clear that it welcomes applications from both men and women.


Getting back into research after a career break

The Wellcome Trust has published a guide on 'Getting back into research after a career break', which may be of interest and help to mathematicians returning to work after a career break.