Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded

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The London Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the list of successful applications to the 2024 round of Undergraduate Research Bursaries. The awards for 2024 are also partially funded by the Heilbronn Institute of Mathematical Research. 

*Indicates the institution agreed to match-fund the award.

List for previous years can be found further down the page: 20232022202120202019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014

Undergraduate Research Bursaries 2024


Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Birmingham* Dr Qaasim Shafi Matthew Yeung Multilevel Jaynes-Cummings Models
Birmingham* Dr Galane Luo Abigail Saynor The Proof is in the Pudding – a historical view of proof from ancient to modern times
Birmingham* Prof. Sergey Shpectorov Michael (Michas) Morris Caregiver Loss Estimation
Bristol* Dr Juliette Unwin Vivekanand Paligadu A likelihood approach for cross-validation in changepoint detection
Bristol* Dr Roman Schubert Meilun Hu The Weil Conjectures
Bristol* Dr Sidharth Jaggi Daniel McMorrow Ternary algebras and affine structures
Chester* Dr Justin McInroy Abdul Wajid Mir Integer circles in integer lattice geometry
Durham* Dr Denis Patterson Ewan Green Novel Aspects of Opinion Dynamics Modelling
Durham* Dr Fernando Galaz-Garcia Wesley Green Mathematical modeling of microbial coexistence with resource toxicity
Durham* Dr Martin Kerin Daniel Filipe Baptista Goncalves Model Fit of Heteroscedastic Drift Models to 94 GHz ENDOR data
Edinburgh Dr Timothy Cannings Redmond Bowcott Decoherence Timescales in Many Body Quantum Dynamics
Exeter* Prof Nigel Byott Edgar Jasko Weak* convergence methods and L∞-quasiconvexity in the Calculus of Variations in L∞
Heriot-Watt* Dr Bernard Rybołowicz Julia Matys Application of Lightning Solvers to Free­Streamline Problems
Lancaster Dr Florian Pein Rojs Aktumanis Random matrix models for the stationary points of Hardy’s function
Liverpool* Prof Anna Pratoussevitch Rebecca Louise Sheppard Dirac cohomology for degenerate affine Hecke algebras
Manchester* Dr Ashleigh Jane Hutchinson Rebecca Maver Quasi-Linear Cycle Sets and Submagmas
Nottingham* Dr Tommaso Tufarelli Roberto Pignatiello Riemannian Submersions and Positive $k$-th Intermediate Ricci Curvature
Nottingham* Dr Joel Feinstein Zifan Hua Computational Fluid Dynamics of Biological Active/Living Fluids
Open* Dr Brigitte Stenhouse Thomas Burchill Explicit Quadratic Large Sieve Inequality
Open* Dr Elsen Tjhung Steven James McDonald Exploring convergence to equilibrium for kinetic equations in 1+1d
Oxford* Prof Dan Ciubotaru Yutong Chen Jacquet-Langlands isogenies
Oxford* Prof James Newton Franciszek Knyszewski Generalized Eigenvalue Problems for large noisy matrices
Plymouth Dr Davide Vadacchino Max Badcott Generalized Group testing
Reading* Dr Nikos Katzourakis Adam William Fennell Explainable AI
St Andrews Dr Sophie Huczynska James Painter Combinatorial structures for non-malleable threshold schemes
St Andrew* Dr Daphne Lemasquerier Matthew Burke Saffman-Taylor instabilities in complex fluids
UCL Dr Yvo Pokern Ismail Berbache Lagrangian transport across turbulent zonal jets
UCL Prof Edward Johnson Pehan Hansaja Amarathunge Classicalisation of generalised Swiss cheeses in Banach spaces
UCL* Dr Ian Petrow Zihao Liu Virtual immersions and minimal hypersurfaces in compact homogeneous spaces
Warwick* Dr Josephine Evans Jack Lucas Investigating the structure of 2-generated algebras of Monster type
Warwick* Prof Andreas Kyprianou Richard Fekete Invariant Theory and Applications
York Dr Christopher Hughes Jacob Samuel Hipkiss Monte Carlo simulation of SDEs associated with proton beam therapy 

Undergraduate Research Bursaries 2023

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Birmingham* Dr Galane Luo Daniel Holland Periodic solutions in opinion dynamics
Birmingham* Dr Xiaocheng Shang Qiqi Chen Solving Dynamical Systems: From Numerical Integrators to Neural Networks
Birmingham* Professor Sergey Shpectorov Eoghan Farrell Regular geometric structures and related groups and algebras
Cambridge* Professor Mihalis Dafermos Michail Manthios Well-Posedness of the Einstein Equations and Extensions
Durham* Dr Fernando Galaz-Garcia Joseph Duthie Splittings of 3-dimensional Alexandrov spaces
Durham* Dr Jack Shotton Alexander Milner Invariant factors of elliptic curves
Durham* Dr Sabine Boegli  Congxin Li (Jessie) Can the resolvent norm of a discrete Schroedinger operator be constant on an open set?
East Anglia* Dr Joseph Grant James Russell Calvert Computational searches for fractional Calabi-Yau algebras
Essex* Dr Joseph Bailey Anthony Butcher The Complex Structure of Random-Walk Coefficient Polynomials
Glasgow* Professor Peter Stewart Katerina Macurova A mathematical model of Central Serous Retinopathy
Heriot-Watt Professor Christian Saemann Daniel Anthony Hinds Maurer-Cartan elements of EL algebras
Imperial College London* Dr Oliver Ratmann Wang Douhan Quantifying caregiver loss across the globe
Imperial College London* Dr Dante Kalise Suxuan Zhang Learning mean-field collective dynamics from data
Kent Dr Bas Lemmens Camilla Rose Milliken Horofunction compactifications of product spaces
Kent Clare Dunning Mitchell Lawrence Taylor Painleve equations, Wronskian Polynomials and Partitions
Lancaster* Professor Nadia Mazza Alejandro Alcaraz Beltran Explicit construction of endopermutation for small p-groups
Lancaster* Dr Eleftherios Kastis Tang Man Yiu Matroid Theory and Combinatorial Rigidity
Manchester* Dr Omar Leon Sanchez Ana Villarrubia Palacin Strong minimality of partial differential equations
Nottingham* Dr Emily Mitchell Kieran Smith Statistical Modelling of Peat Landslides
Open University* Dr Dan Rust Niall Headland Symbolic dynamics and Walnut
Open University* Kaustubh Adhikari Ihar Anfimau Developing statistical models to correct for biasis in skin colour and blood saturation measurment machines in diverse ethnicities
Open University* Dr Brigitte Stenhouse Abigail Bourne Working-class mathematicians and 19th-century letters
Oxford* Professor Michael Bonsall Katharine Farr Optimal control, differential games and the evolution of cooperative breeding
Oxford* Professor Andras Juhasz Anna Charlotte Mathe Knot Floer Homology and Hyperbolic Invariants
Oxford* Dr Johannes Borgqvist Xingjian Zhou Constructing travelling wave models of collective cell migration using Lie symmetries
Oxford* Professor Konstantin Ardakov Mario Marcos Losada Ideals in Iwasawa Algebras
Reading* Dr Nikos Katzourakis Benjamin George Dutton Second order L-infinity variational problems
St Andrews* Dr Sophie Huczynska Sophie Elizabeth Hume New Directions in Strong AMD Codes
St Andrews* Dr Dan Lucas Leo James Doherty Periodic orbits as a basis for fluid turbulance
St Andrews* Professor Nik Ruskuc Callum John Barber Congruences and direct products of semigroups
University College London* Professor Richard Chandler Miliana Bocher Statistical approaches for estimating excess morality associated with heatwave events in Chile
University College London* Dr Ian Petrow Charlotte Clare-Hunt Mixed moments of L-functions assuming the Grand Riemann Hypothesis
University College London* Associate Professor Larsen Louder Arghya Chakrabarty Stackings and primitivity rank
University College London* Dr Samuel Livingstone Ruiyang Zhang Investigating long-time behaviour of a skew-symmetric numerical scheme for stochastic differential equations
Warwick* Dr Kat Rock Kirsty Richens Utilising game-theoretic and health-economic approaches to understand the dynamics and drivers of infectious disease elimination

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2022

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Aberdeen Dr Irakli Patchkoria Mr Facundo Manuel Canale Rational Euler Characteristics and Group Actions
Birmingham* Dr Olga Maleva Miss Isabel Pearson Extending Distance-Reducing Mappings
Birmingham* Dr Allan Lo Ella Williams Extremal Edge-Coloured Graph Problems
Birmingham* Dr Hong Duong Oluwaseun Olushola Evolution and Promotion of Cooperation
Birmingham* Dr Yin Hoon Chew Alexandra-Anamaria Sorinca Modelling the Effects of Geometry and Spatial Non-uniformity on Cellular Metabolism
Canterbury* Dr Alfred Kume Timotej Conka Saddlepoint Approximation for Evaluating the Satellite Collision Probability
Cardiff* Dr Andreas Artemiou Mr Amarjit Gaba Bayesian Approaches to Sufficient Dimension Reduction
City, University of London Professor Yang-Hui He Mr Maksymilian Manko Applications of Machine Learning to Study of Geometric Invariants in Mathematical Physics
Durham* Professor Jeffrey Giansiracusa Leo Zhang Reconstruction of Surfaces from High Dimensional Point Clouds and Applications to Data Analysis
Durham* Dr Sam Fearn Mr Melchior Raywood Representations of Conformal Algebras
Durham* Dr Gabriel Fuhrmann Luke Higgins Mean Equicontinuous Subshifts which are not almost Automorphic
Durham* Dr Stefano Cremonesi Mr Edward Hearn Generalised Brane Tilings
East Anglia* Dr Robert Gray Mr Max Patemen Monoids on Surfaces
East Anglia* Dr Richard Purvis Joshua Durrant "Leaves on the line": Using lubrication theory to model low-friction leaf-films on railway lines
East Anglia* Dr Jonathan Kirby Mr Alexis Arrowsmith The Galois Theory of Exponential Fields
Glasgow* Professor Alex Bartel Mr Allan Perez Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics at the bad Primes
Glasgow* Dr Kevin Aguyar Brix Mr Pete Gautam Gauge Actions on Graph C*-Algebras
Glasgow* Dr Brendan Owens Ioannis Karagiorgis Geometry of Ribbon Disks and Unknotting Arcs
Glasgow* Professor Nigel Mottram Mr Carlos Campoy Garcia Trevijano Gradient Flow Dynamics of Wetting Phenomena in Confined Geometries
Imperial College* Dr Davoud Cheraghi Ms Kexin Dong Dynamic of Holomorphic maps in Complex Dimension One
Imperial College* Dr Thomas Cass Boyang Liu Using the Rough Path Signature Kernel to Enhance the Predictive Power of US Treasury Yield Curve Dynamics
Kent* Dr Daniel Bearup Mr Sung Shin Reaction-diffusion Dynamics in Habitats with Dendritic Structure
Kent* Professor Andrew Hone Jonathan Hobbs Huge Primes: Primality Testing for Chebyshev-Lehmer Primes
Lancaster* Professor Nadia Mazza Hang Liu The Class-breadth Conjecture for Finite P-groups with Soft Subgroups
Lancaster* Professor Gordon Blower Mr Jack Esson Noncommutative Transfer Functions
Leeds* Dr Pantelis Eleftheriou Francis Westhead Computing VC-dimension for Definable Families of Sets in O-minimal Structures
Liverpool* Dr Pavlos Xenitidis Mr David Antonio Garcia Verissimo Lax-Darboux Scheme for Discrete Integrable Systems
Manchester* Dr Lawrence Lee Fraser Sanders Hausdorff Dimension of Sierpinski Measurers
Manchester* Dr Omar Leon Sanchez Alexandra Ciotau Noetherian Transfers from Vectors Spaces to Rings
Nottingham* Dr Martin Richter Leah Turner Transfer Operator Methods for the Standard Map
Nottingham* Professor Stephen Coombes Ms Daisy Newson Mean-field Models of Brain Rhythms
Nottingham* Dr Alexander Kasprzyk Mr William Murphy Polygons with the Largest Number of Vertices
Nottingham* Dr Wasiur KhudaBukhsh Sarina Rivlin-Sanders Local Symmetries for Multi-layer Graphs
Oxford* Dr Yifan Jing Ahmed Ittihad Hasib The Size of the Largest Subsets of Integers Avoiding Hilbert Cubes
Oxford* Professor Peter Howell Mr Orson Hart Mathematical Modelling of Time-dependent Thermoelastic Contact
Oxford* Professor Jose Carrillo Ms Hao De Partial Differential Equations for Synchronization Phenomena
Oxford* Professor Jason Lotay Mr Campbell Brawley Curve Shortening Flow
St Andrews* Professor Peter Cameron Ms Maria Anagnostopoulou-Maerkouri Characterising Association Schemes by Stratum Dimensions
St Andrews* Dr Louis Theran Mr Jun Kwon Liftable Graphs and Posets
Surrey* Dr Tom Thorne Niharika Paul Topological Parameter Inference for Mathematical Models of Angiogenesis
UCL* Dr David Hewett Mr Botond Major Singular Quadrature for Domains with Fractal Boundry
UCL* Dr Andrea Macrina Ms Yuchen Cheng The Black-Scholes Formula Meets the Carbon Equivalance Principle
UCL* Dr Ilia Kamotski Mr Anand Bhardwaj Multiscale Methods for Homogenisation of PDEs and Analysis of Approximation Accuracies
UCL* Dr Kayvan Sadeghi Mr Dimash Aldybergen Markov Properties for Multivariate Reciprocal Inverse Gaussian Distribution
Warwick* Professor Robert MacKay Mr Alex McSweeney-Davis Geometry of a Roll-heave Model for Ship Capsize
Warwick* Dr Martin Lotz Paul Lezeau A Geometric Study of Adversarial Robustness in Machine Learning
York Professor Victor Beresnevich Mr Benjamin Durkan The Inhomogeneous Duffin-Schaeffer Conjecture
York Professor Michael Bate Daniel Hendron Subgroup Structure of Pseudo-Reductive Groups

Undergraduate Research Bursaries awarded in 2021

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Aberdeen Irakli Patchkoria Hubert Szynglarewicz Stone Duality and Group Actions
Bath* Antal A. Jarai Miles Elvidge Conformal covariance of the height zero correction field in 2D sandpiles
Bath* Daniel Loughran Dominic Pugh-Cook Rational points on stacky curves
Birmingham* Matthew Jenssen William Turner Sphere Coverings in High Dimensions
Bristol* Alexander Holroyd Luke Turvey Cellular Automaton Traffic Models
Bristol* Sidahrth Jaggi Yulin Zhang Packings in high dimensions/Adversarial channels
Bristol* Shibabrat Naik/Stephen Wiggins Alexander Hind Machine learing geometry of phase space structure relevant for reaction dynamics
Cambridge* Jeffrey Hicks Daniel Holmes Characterization of Dimers from Coamoeba
Cambridge* Mihalis Dafermos Callum Nicolas Stability of the black hole
Dundee* Lukas Eigentler Laura Briganti Wiprachtiger Competition and coexistence in microbial communities: insights from mathematical modelling
Durham* Norbert Peyerimhoff Ben Snodgrass Ricci flatness and Bakry-Emery curvature of graphs
Durham* Daniele Dorigoni Alexander Grover Modular graph functions, multi-zeta values and String theory
Durham* Pankaj Vishe Anitej Banerjee Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties
Durham* Andrew Lobb Jacob Saunders Peg problems in topology
East Anglia* Davide Proment Joseph Windsor-Freeman Vortices in Quantum Fluids with extensions to more than three spatial dimensions
Edinburgh* James Wright Taraneh Latifi Seresht The zeros of the Riemann zeta function
Exeter* Jennifer Creaser Isaac Lee Exploring the domino effect in heterogeneous networks
Glasgow* Christopher Athorne Jack Davidson Examples and applications of resolutions
Glasgow* Maxime Fortier Bourque Samuel Horsch Computing the systole of triangle surfaces
Glasgow* Simon Candelaresi Celine Beck Dynamics of twisted magnetic knots in plasmas
Hertfordshire* Catarina Carvalho Eleanor Cooke Maximal subgroups of the semigroup of multpermutatons
Huddersfield* Ann Smith Abigail Mitchell Multivariate statistical modelling in machine condition monitoring
Imperial College London* Richard Thomas Zhengkai Pan Introduction to Enumerative Algebraic Geometry
Keele* Danila Prikazchikov Michael Davies Multi-parametric asymptotic analysis of a layered elastic foundation
King's College London* Nadav Drukker Yevhan Nahirnyy Multidimensional Visualisation of Knots and their Invariants
Lancaster* Nadia Mazza Jakub Waniek Hausdorff dimension spectrum of pro-p groups
Lancaster* David Pauksztello Isabel Suyay Colorado Romero Type D positive Fuss-Catalan combinatorics and representation theory
Leeds* Stephen Griffiths Laura Pinkney Exponential asymptotics for eigenvalues of differential equations
Liverpool Hope* Andrew Foulkes Helena Jarvis Subcritical Hopf Bifurcations in models of cardiac excitation
Liverpool Hope* Pavlos Xenitidis Louis Brady Integrability conditions for systems of difference equations
Manchester* Omar Leon Sanchez Alberto Miguel Gomez On the model theory of bounded differential fields
Manchester* Marcus Tressl Kashish Raimalani On Jacobi's conjectural bound for order 1 systems of algebraic PDEs
Nottingham* Anna Kalogirou Shane Elliot Solutal Marangoni instability in core-annular flows
Nottingham* John King Thomas Carruthers Asymptotic analysis of nonlinear ordinary differential equations
Nottingham* Matthias Kurzke Sean Gregory Continuum limits of point vortex interactions
Nottingham* Christian Wuthrich Julie Tavernier The denominator of modular symbols
Oxford* Patrick Farrell Isaac Newell Bifurcation analysis of two coupled 3D Bose-Einstein condensates
Oxford* Anna Seigal Kexin Wang Rank and Symmetric Rank Decomposition for Tensors
Oxford* Lionel Mason Peize Liu From breaking waves to conformal mappings via WKB analysis
Oxford* Konstantin Ardakov Jonathan Medcalf Integer-valued polynomials and bounded functions on character varieties
Plymouth Daniel Robertz Joshua Ramsey Symmetric embeddings of simplicial surfaces
Plymouth Vincent Drach Ruby Pearce-Casey Phase transition in the Ising Model: from Monte-Carlo methods to automatised classification using machine learning
Queen Mary University of London Shabnam Beheshti Denis George Mih Relativistic Viscous Hydrodynamics: Open questions and First Steps
Queen's University Belfast Mauro Paternostro Madhav Tiwari A quantum crash on Darwin
Reading* Jani Virtanen Giovanni Taffarello Pseudospectra and their applications
Sheffield* Dimitrios Roxanas Calum Hughes Dynamics of Linear Operators: Limit sets in Finite Dimensions
Surrey* Matthew Turner Anusha Schutz Particle motion in an oscillating cone
Surrey* Thomas Bridges Rebekah Aspinwall Clifford Algebra and Geometric Fluid Dynamics
Surrey* Dorje Brody Georgii Piskov Signal processing in biological systems
UCL* Costante Bellettini James Tissot Isoperimetric inequalities in surfaces of constant curvature
UCL* Robert Bowles Michael Nguyen Instabilities of a liquid film with non-uniform velocity profile
UCL* Duncan Hewitt Yunwei Zhang Viscoplastic flow in channels
Warwick* Robin Thompson Nicholas Lai Mathematical modelling of vaccine escape
York* Stephen Connor Dorsa Vakilzadeh Hatefi Mixing Time for a Grid Transposition Shuffle

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2020


Research Supervisor




Shashank Virmani

Luke Dando

Quantum Supremacy Behind the Headlines


Simon Ross

Isaac Pillar

Random Matrices and Gravity 


Mark Powell

Lucia Karageorghis

Non-orientable 4-genus of Knots


Stephen Harrap

Steven Robertson

Recent advances in Metric Theory


Georgios Karagiannis

Alfi Gözaçan

On the Development of Doubly Stochastic Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Algorithm


Alexandre Martin

Clara Flegel

The Combinatorial Geometry of Artin Groups


Christian Saemann

Emmanouil Sfinarolakis

Integrable Field Theories and Homotopy Algebras


Alexander Gibberd

Jessica Green

Wavelet Methods for Dependency Analysis in Multivariate Time Series 


Adam Sykulski

Moaaz Sidat

Forecasting Time Series Models When Multiple Model Components are Present


Edward Johnson

Christoforos Kassianides

Multibody Interactive Motion in a Confined Two-dimensional Inviscid Flow


Robert Bowles

Shiza Naqvi

Inertial and Capillary Effects in Coating Flows


David Hewett

Alexandros Groutides

Sobolev Spaces and Minimal Norm Extensions


Tristan Pryer

Charlotte Johns

Mathematical Aspects of Landslides


Johannes Nordstrom

Rowan Juneman

Cohomogenity One Solutions


Alexandra Tzella

Calum Brown

Diffusion and Chemical Reactions in Arrays of Obstacles: Beyond Homogenisation


Isaac Chenchiah

Ziyang Liu

Bespoke Extensional Elasticity and Viral Mechanics


Shibabrat Naik & Stephen Wiggins

Piero Sarti

Computation and Visualisation of Phase Space Structures in Two Degrees of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems

East Anglia*

Shaun Stevens

Hector Betteridge

Extensions of P-adic Fields and the Critical Exponent

East Anglia*

Davide Proment

Martha Hobby

Mathematical Models of Multi-scale Brain Network Interactions


Kyle Wedgwood

Alec Sargood

Estimation of Phase Response Curves in Noisy Systems


David Manlove

Sonja Kraiczy

Popular Rankings and Stable Non-crossing Matchings


Amira Elayouty

Yixin Wan

Estimation of Reference Growth Charts for Children in Egypt using Quantile Regression Methods


Alfred Kume

Trinnhallen Brisley

Kalman Filter Algorithm for Parameter Estimation in State-Space Models


Chris Brignell

Emily Cowley

Developing Interactive Tools to Illustrate Concepts in Probability and Statistics


Reuben O'Dea

Oliver Cattell

Form and Function in Electrical Microgrids


Joel Feinstein

Jonathan Davies

Rectangular Swiss Cheeses


Alexander Kasprzyk

Hannah-Jo Operaña Wood

Pure Maths Through Machine Learning


Tom Sanders

Katherine Benjamin

The Interplay of Addition and Multiplication in Finite Fields


Ian Hewitt

Robert Gondris

Network Models for Flood Management


Michael Bonsall

Jonathan Carlisle

Markov Chains, Multiscale Modeling and Disease Pandemic Risk


Sergey Zelik

Benjamin Galbally

Convergence of Lattice Sums and Madelung Constants


Gianne Derks

Rebekah Aspinwall

Mechanistic Underpinning of Phenomenological Cancer Growth Models


Christopher Lazda

Benjamin Lemaigre

Zeta Functions of Elliptic Curves and K3 Surfaces


Miles Reid

Jon Cheah

Finite Rotation Subgroups and their Spinor Double Covers


Miles Reid

Samuel Gue

Roots of Unity, Cyclotomic Polynominals and Related Problems


Victoria Gould

Bethan Davies

Endomorphisms of Transformation Monoids with Applications to Cryptography

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2019

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Aberdeen Benjamin Martin Eleftherios Chatzitheodoridis Boundedness for Algebraic Groups
Bath* Matthias Ehrhardt Samuel Cortinhas A Continuous Approach to Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting
Bath* Johannes Nordström Aleksandar Samsiev The Rational Homotopy Type of 8-Manifolds
Birmingham* Fabian Spill Alastar Phelan Celluar Geometry and Information Processing
Bristol* Shibabrat Nalk Wenyang Lyu Comparative Overview of Numerical Methods for Computing Unstable Periodic Orbits in Hamiltonian Mechanics
Cambridge* Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Kevin Han Huang Regularization by Denoising: Choosing the Denoiser
Dundee* Gunnar Hornig Fiona Lapp An Investigation into Force-Free Magnetic Fields
Durham* Jack Shotton Dylan Johnston Positivity and the Weight Part of Serre's Conjecture
Durham* Daniele Dorigoni Stefanos Rodinos Resurgent Asymptotic Analysis of the Path Integral for Quantum Mechanics
Durham* Thanasis Bouganis Rachel Gaffney Error-Correcting Codes and the Basis Problem in the Theory of Siegel Modular Forms
Edinburgh* Jacques Vanneste Isambard Goodbody The Mathematics of Neutral Planes in the Ocean
Exeter* Nigel Byott Isabel Martin-Lyons Hopf-Galois Structures on Some Non-Normal Field Extensions
Glasgow* Colin Torney Marek Bojko Cooperation, Competition and Information Sharing in Social Groups
Glasgow* Nema Dean Wenhui Zhang Variable Selection for Growth Mixture Models
Keele* Ludmilla Prikazchikova Shaharyaar Shamsi Out of Plane Low-Frequency Motion of a Circular Elastic Disc
Kent* Philipp Lambe James Bradshaw Spectra of Snake Graphs
Lancaster* Andrew Titman Rhys Warham Illness-Death Modelling on Oncology Clinical Trials: Leveraging the Semi-Markov Assumption
Leicester* Jason Semeraro Kirsty Campbell Cycle Polynomials of Groups and Chromatic Polynomials of Graphs
Loughborough* Diwei Zhou Zhenghong Zhou Statistical Shape Analysis for Brain Fibre Description
Manchester* Marcus Tressl Ricardo Palomino Invariants for the Simultaneous Conjugacy Problem of Matrices over Fields
Manchester* William Lionheart Benjamin Collard Gemetric Properties of Polarization Tensors of Polygons
Nottingham* Matthias Kurzke Patience Ablett Interaction of Charged Vortices
Nottingham* Jorma Louko William Smith Energy Extraction from Lorentz-Violating Black Holes
Nottingham* Matteo Icardi Xinyu Shen Dimension Refuction for Solid State Diffusion in Batteries
Nottingham* Gilles Stupfler Qianlu Zhou Extreme Quantile Estimation with Dependent Censoring
Oxford* Radek Erdan Julia Stadlmann Arithmetic Dynamics of Polynomials in Z[x]
Oxford* Thomas Oliver Thomas Wisson Eisenstein Series
Oxford* Walter Riccardo Maffucci Martin Ortiz Ramirez Lattice Points in Specific Regions
Oxford* Liana Yepremyan David Munha Canas Correia On a Question by Grinblat and Problems Related to It
Portsmouth* Thomas Waters Holly Vary Chaotic Geodesic Flows on Algebraic Surfaces
QMUL Shabnam Beheshti Robert Sansom Existence of Lump Solutions in the KP Hierarchy
QUB* Hannah Mitchell Ben Collister Comparison of Geostatistical Techniques
Reading* Zuowei Wang Peter Nagymathe Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic and Mechanical Behaviour of Elastic Particles
Sheffield* Elena Marensi Emily Butler How does a Hairpin Vortex Arsise in Fluid Flows?
Surrey* James Grant Lewis Napper Curvature and Low-Regularity Geometry
UCL* Ruben Pérez-Carrasco Vivienne Leech Phase Portrait Analysis of the Experimental Synthetic AC/DC Circuit
UCL* Yiannis Petridis Axel Kerbec Modular Forms, L-Functions and Their Value Distribution
Warwick* Martin Lotz James Taylor Log-Concave Sequences in Algebraic Combinatorics and Integral Geometry
Warwick* Maria Liakata Joseph Colvin Exploring Gated Graph Sequence Neural Networks for Rumour Verification
York Konstantin Ilin Tyler Gaines The Dynamics of Lagrange Top with Vibrating Suspension Point

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2018

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Aberdeen Mark Grant Agata Sienicka Geometric and topological aspects of the theory of braids
Bath* Mark Opmeer Charlie Collier Operator Riccati Equations in Fluid Dynamics and Beyond
Bath* Kirill Cherednichenko Milos Tasic Wave scattering by non-classical one-dimensional obstacles
Bath* Chris Budd Zoe Dennison Blow‐up in higher order PDEs with applications to mathematical geology
Birmingham* Meurig Gallagher Sonia Dari Mathematically modelling the effct of a non-Newtonian viscosity on the blood flow through coupled arterial anastomoses
Birmingham* Richard Mycroft Jordan Chellig Investigating correspondence colourings in graphs
Birmingham* Nikolaos Fountoulakis Calina Durbac The evolution of games on networks
Bristol* Roman Schubert Ben Blakesley Decoherence: how fast is noice propagated through a complex quantum system
Bristol* Viveka Erlandsson Monika Kudlinksa Word length of curves in orbifold groups
Bristol* Viveka Erlandsson Rachel Pengelly Word length of curves: detecting filling curves
Cambridge* Jack Thorne Soham Karwa Finding patterns in the sape of 2-Selmer elements
Cambridge* Maurice Chiodo Pawel Piwek Investigating examples in group theory via computational means
Durham* Norbert Peyerimhoff Leyna Waton May Regular graphs with positive curvatures
Durham* Mark Powell Daniel Galvin Knots in S1 x S2
Exeter* John Thuburn Jessica Farmer Fitting low dimensional dynamical models to climate time series
Exeter* Julio Andrade Jack Hanslope Average values of the divisor function over function fields
Glasgow* Misha Feigin Martin Vrabec Two-dimensional integrable systems
Glasgow* Vaibav Gadre Giovanni Natale Veeering triangulations on surfaces
Glasgow* Ian Strachan Stamatis Marios Spyriounis Modular Frobenius Manifolds: polynomial examples and modular forms
Heriot-Watt Mark Wilkinson Ciaran Dunne The Dynamics of #fakenews on Social Media
Institute of Cancer Research Richard Houlston Alec Linden Disney-Hogg Mathematical and computational assessment of methodologies for analysis of Hi-C and Promoter Capture Hi-C data
Lancaster* Mark MacDonald Fabio La Rosa Geometry of flag varieties: Low dimensional examples
Leeds* Stephen Griffiths Jonathan Corcoran The propagation of Kelvin waves around elongated islands
Leicester* Katrin Leschke Aneesah Parkar Deformations of the Gyroid
Newcastle* Andrew Duncan Liam Yates Fixed points of endomorphisms and automorphisms of trace monoids and partially commutative groups
Nottingham* Gilles Stupfler Jay Chawda Estimating extreme conditional quantiles with big data
Nottingham* Fredrik Stromberg Andrei Seymour-Howell Zeros of Dirichlet series and L-functions
Nottingham* Kris van der Zee Matthew Tyler Advanced discontinuous discretisation techniques for multiscale partial differential equations
Oxford* Peter Keevash Ioan Laurentiu Ploscaru The typical structure of graphs with a hereditary property
Oxford* Kevin McGerty Joshua Wrigley Integration in finite terms
Oxford* David Hume Abigail Burton Dirichlet-Poincare profiles of graphs and groups
Oxford* Robin Thompson Francesca Lovell-Read The canary in the coal mine: using mathematical modelling to improve surveillance of plant pathogens
Oxford* Christina Goldscmidt Qizhao Chen Parking on a random plane tree
Oxford* James Martin Zhaomeng Chen Ergodicity of one-dimensional probabilistic cellular automata
Oxford* Paul Chleboun Patrik Gerber Front propagation in kinetically constrained models
Oxford* Konstantin Ardakov Rhiannon Savage Crystal bases for subgroups of quantum groups
Oxford Brookes* Carlos Fresneda-Portillo Emma-Beth Lacey Discretisation of singular and hyper-singular integrals
QU Belfast Ivan Todorov Karys Dickson Birkhoff's Ergodic Theorem
Sheffield* Eu-Jin Kim William Oxley Fractal geometry in complex systems
Surrey* Anne Skeldon Elliott Sullinge-Farrall Bifurcations and dynamics in circle maps derived from 'threshold' dynamical systems
UEA* Mark Blyth Elizabeth Murray Effect of local geometry on diffusion‐based mathematical models of avascular tumours
Warwick* Edward Brambley Sunny Sood Mathematical Modelling of Ring Rolling
York* Brent Everitt Wilf Rubinstein Hyperbolic Buildings

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2017

Institution Research Supervisor Student Research
Bath* Chris Budd Thomas Gregory Application of Delay Differential Equations to Modelling El Nino Events
Bath* Johannes Nordström Joseph Martin The Matching Problem for Twisted Connected Sum G2-Manifolds
Bath* Silvia Gazzola  Cyrus Yavari Regularisation by Randomisation
Bath* Antal Jarai Minwei Sun Critical Exponents via Exact Sampling
Birmingham* Corneliu Hoffman Mircea Sebe Category Theory with Applications in Theoretical Computer Science
Birmingham* Chris Good Joe Thomas The Dynamical Properties of Shift Spaces
Bristol* Roman Schubert Jesse Parsons Engineering Quantum States by Interactions with an Environment
Bristol* Jon Keating Huw Day Finite Product Approximations to L-function
Cambridge* Geoffrey Grimmett Paul Minter Percolation near Criticality 
Cambridge* Pau Figueras George Robinson An Initial Data Solver for GRChombo
Cambridge* Gabriel Paternain Indi Pritchard Inversion of the Geodesic X-ray Transform on the Surfaces
Dundee David Pontin Sophie Boswell Analysing Chaotic Trajectories of Particles in the Vacinity of Null Points of Magnetic Fields
Durham* Georgios Karagiannis Kieran Richards On the Population Resampling based Stochastic Approximation Algorithm for the Evaluation of Emulators Against Large Data-sets
Durham* Bernard Piette Alexander Hoffman de Visme Packing of Circles between Circles
Durham* Matthias Troffaes Zeping Hao Algebraic Methods for Propagating Uncertainty through Imprecise Markov Chains
Durham* Ian Vernon Autumn Charnley Bayesian Uncertainty Analysis of Agent Based Models with Application to Systems Biology and Epidemiology
Edinburgh* Chris Heunan Leo Lobski Quantum Set Theory
Exeter Hugo Lambert Neil Lewis Interaction between Convection, Land Fraction and Exoplanet Habitability
Glasgow* Tereza Neocleous Zhuo Sun Statistical Models for Forensic Voice Comparison
Glasgow* Joachim Zacharias Theodoros Papazachariou K-theory and Witt Groups of C*-and Banach Algebras
Glasgow* Ian Strachan Theodora Nearchou Miura Transformations for Novikov-KdV Equations
Heriot-Watt Heiko Gimperlein Oliver Phillips Eigenvalue Bounds for Non-selfadjoint Operators and Leaky Cavaties
Imperial College* Richard Thomas Wanlong Zheng Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Curves and Sheaf Cohomology
Kent* Bas Lemmens Lewis White Detecting Fixed Points of Non-expansive maps and the Illumination Problem
Kent* Andrew Hone Tessa Wilks Iterations over Finite Fields and Pseudorandom Number Sequences
Lancaster* Rebecca Killick David Ireland Automatic Model Selection: Changepoints, Long Memory and Environmental Data
Leeds* Stephen Griffiths Joseph Elmes Self-gravitating Water Waves on Rotating Elastic Spheres
Manchester* Peter Rowley Veronica Kelsey Chamber Graphs and Sporadic Group Geometries
Nottingham* Stephen Coombes Sunil Modhara Rock-paper-scissors (-lizard-spock): the Dynamics of Cyclic Dominance 
Nottingham* Christian Wuthrich Matthew Thompson Higher P-adic Elliptic Logarithms
Nottingham* Karthik Bharath Thomas Townsend Some Statistical Questions in Topological Data Analysis
Nottingham* Jennifer Gaskell Alexander Arrowsmith Mathematical Modelling of Bioenergy Crop Growth on Flood Plains
Oxford* Dan Ciubotaru Marius Todea Representations of Rational Cherednik Algebras for Noncrystallographic Root Systems
Oxford* Balazs Szendroi Chi Yiu Singularities of Algebraic Plane Curves and Knots
Oxford* David Seifert Christopher Turner An Operator-theoretic Approach to Discrete-time Markov Processes
Oxford* Xuancheng Shao Wenqiang Xu A Study on Additive Structures of Sets in Combinatorics and Number Theory
Portsmouth* Thomas Waters Tessa Wildsmith The Conjugate Locus on the Quadraxial Ellipsoid
St Andrews* Peter Cameron Simon Jurina Permutation Group Cycles and Parker Vectors
Surrey* Alessandro Torrielli Wookyung Kim Bound-state Analysis of the Quantised Kandomtsev-Petviashvili Equation
University College* Helen Wilson Yijie Li Determining the Viscosity of a Fluid from a given Smooth Vector Field
University College* Jonny Evans Teresa Ludenbach Braid Group, Singularities and Monodromy
University College* Rod Halburd Daniel Bussell Movable Singularities of Solutions of Differential Equations

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2016


Research Supervisor




Ellen Henke

Gyan Singh

Identifying Mathieu Groups


Jonathan Dawes

Anvarbek Atayev

Thermal convection in non-Newtonian fluids


Melina Frietag

Paul Russell

Projection based preconditioners for linear discrete ill-posed problems arising in image processing


Simon Harris

Philip Cohen

Characteristics of vortex motion of closed surfaces of revolution


Peter Postl

Ludi Wang

Incentive Mechanisms For Research and Innovation


Márton Bálazs

Magnus Bennett

Interacting walkers: stationarity and fluctuations


Thilo Gross

Salvador Catsis

Effective degree in epidemic spreading on complex networks


Carola-Bibiane Schonberg

Georg Maierhofer

Bilevel optimisation for learning the sampling pattern in Magnetic Resonance Tomography


Natalie Vriend

Katarzyna Warburton

Silo honking: experimental investigation into the origins and characteristics of sound emission from granular flow in a vertical tube


Vitaliy Kurlin

Philip Smith

Superpixel meshes for faster image and video processing


Simon Ross

Danny Vagnozzi

Tensor networks and holography

East Anglia*

Joseph Grant

Audie Warren

Constructing finite Frobenius rings for application in algebraic coding theory

East Anglia*

David Proment

Benjamin Young-Longstaff

Vortices in Superfluids


Ruth King

Martin Trimmel

Exploring spatially explicit capture-recapture models


Christophe Athorne

Ionut Paun

Geometry of low genus Riemann surfaces


Ludger Evers

Aleksandra Boicuka

Smoothing methods for data from time-of-flight experiments


Luigi Vergori

Theodora Torcea

A rigorous mathematical derivation of the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation


Andrew Wilson

Sebastian Cultrera di Montesano

Phylogenic Algebraic Geometry: Local description of the Kimura 2-parameter model

Imperial College*

Paolo Cascini

Federico Bongiorno

Study of Elliptic Curves and its Applications


Joel Feinstein

William Reynolds

Removability of exceptional sets for Hölder continuous functions on compact plane sets


John King

Jack Fellerman

Exponential asymptotics


Matthias Kurzke

Timothy Espin

Point vortex configurations


Yves van Gennip

Zhaoyuan Zou

Optimal parameter selection in topic models

Nottingham Trent*

Jonathan Crofts

Daniel Crookes

Multiplex network models of the brain


Yves Cadebosq

Lorenzo Sarnataro

On Maximum Principle for Systems of 2nd order elliptic PDE


Kobi Kremnitzer

Daniel Fletcher

Kac-Moody groups as algebraic groups and their quantum versions


Tom Sanders

Ana-Eliza Casapopol

Sumsets of very large density


Daniel Robertz

Edward Kitcher

Exact solutions of PDEs and symmetries


Thomas Kecker

Callum Waite

Investigation of lattice reduction algorithms for the NTRU encryption scheme


William Lee

Michael Castle

Mathematical modelling of a new design of wave energy converter

St Andrews*

David Dritschel

Sarah Stirrat

Characteristics of vortex motion of closed surfaces of revolution


Karen Page

Luzie Helfmann

Game theoretic investigation of the roles of trust and reputation in online retail


Dmitri Vassiliev

Mihai Barbu

Spectral analysis of the operator curl on a closed Riemannian 3-manifold


Weiyi Zhang

Jonah Duncan

Zoli manifolds and their interactions with complex and symplectic geometry


Martin Bees

Euan Smithers

Modelling flow fields due to microorganisms in confined environments


Victor Beresnevich

Lawrence Lee

Rational points near manifolds

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2015


Research Supervisor



University of Bath

Professor David Calderbank

Edward Jones-Healey

Vertex operator algebras, from theory to examples and applications

University of Bath

Dr Simon Harris

Stephen Pidgeon

Catalytic branching Brownian motion

University of Bath

Professor Andreas Kyprianou

Emma Horton

Stable processes through the Kelvin transform

University of Bath

Dr Mark Opmeer

Philip Hanson

Rational Krylov subspaces for differential operators

University of Birmingham

Dr Nikolaos Fountoulakis

Charlie Dickens

Reconstructing hidden clustering in a graph: randomness and inhomogeneity

Durham University

Dr Dzmitry Badziahin

Matthew Northey

Checking p-adic Littlewood conjecture for certain types of numbers

Durham University

Dr Dirk Schuetz

Lewin Strauss

Steenrod Square calculations in the Khovanov homotopy type

University of East Anglia

Dr Richard Purvis

Aimee Mulcahy

Surface tension and inertia effects on air cushioning in droplet impacts

University of Edinburgh

Professor Andrew Ranicki

Jaan-Eerik Past

Applications of Persistent Homology to Image Processing

University of Edinburgh

Dr Susan Sierra

Rebecca Wood

Point representations of the Witt algebra

University of Edinburgh

Dr Joan Simon

David Grabner

Minimal surfaces in asymptotically AdS spaces

University of Glasgow

Dr Brendan Owens

Lavinia Bulai

Unlinking numbers of 10-crossing links

Heriot-Watt University

Dr Mark Lawson

Anna Suarez

Non-commutative frame theory

Imperial College London

Professor Mauricio Barahona

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Network Theoretic Approaches for the Segmentation of a Population using Genetic Data

University of Leeds

Dr Oleg Chalykh

Akshar Nair

Quasi-invariant polynomials

University of Nottingham

Dr Stephen Cox

James Lalyk

Mathematical modelling of self-oscillating class-D amplifies

University of Nottingham

Dr Silke Weinfurtner

Andrew Scoins

Hydrodynamic simulations of rotating black holes

University of Oxford

Professor Alison Etheridge

Yue Hui

A stochastic approach to the Fisher KPP equation with a fractional Laplacian

University of Oxford

Dr James Maynard

Chun Pong Lau

A study on gaps between primes and their distributions

Plymouth University

Dr Thomas McCourt

Kyle Bonetta-Martin

The canonical groups of properly face 2-coloured triangulations of the sphere: What groups can you get?

University College London

Professor Gavin Esler

Leo Middleton

Point vortex equilibria: Solutions of the Sinh-Poisson Equation - from low to high energy

Undergraduate Research Bursaries Awarded in 2014


Research Supervisor



University of Bath

Professor David Calderbank

Charles Craven

Functoriality in geometry and representation theory

University of Bath

Professor Peter Morters

Tom Crawley

Spread of rumours in preferential attachment networks

University of Belfast

Dr Martin Matthieu

Victoria Coombe

Spectral Graph Theory Beyond Finite Dimensions

University of Birmingham

Dr Richard Mycroft

Candida Bowtell

Investigating external set systems

University of Bristol

Professor Guy Nason

Lewis Rendall

A new test of stationarity for network time series

University of Bristol

Dr Nina Snaith

Patrick Morris

Modelling elliptic curves with random matrix theory

University of Cambridge

Dr Thomas Montenegro-Johnson

David Baker

Dynamics of cilia observed in developing zebrafish

Cardiff University

Dr Andreas Artemiou

Luke Smallman

Dimension reduction with reweighted large margin classifiers

Cardiff University

Dr Jonathan Gillard

Holly Butcher

Low rank approximations of matrices, with a view towards statistical applications

University of Durham

Dr Athanasios Bouganis

Francesca Bianchi

Special Values of L-Functions attached to Hecke Characters

University of East Anglia

Dr Robert Gray

David Reed

The directed geometry of finitely generated amendable semigroups

University of East Anglia

Professor Shaun Stevens

Elaine Barker

Counting cuspidal representations of finite and p-adic reductive groups

University of Glasgow

Dr Christina Cobbold

Remus Stana

Can organisms with a non-motile life-stage keep pace with climate change?

Imperial College London

Professor Alessio Corti

Ben Wormleighton

Hilbert Functions of orbifold del Pezzo surfaces

University of Nottingham

Dr Alexander Ossipov

Thomas Cope

Quantum wavefunctions in disordered topological insulators

University of Oxford

Dr Tobias Dyckerhoff

Lothar Krapp

Unoriented Surfaces, Moebius graphs and outer space

University of Portsmouth

Dr James Burridge

Steven Kenney

Power laws and power law crossover in cascading systems

Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Martin Widmer

Sahana Seetharaman

Counting points of bounded height in certain infinite extensions

University of Strathclyde

Dr Michael Grinfeld

Maciej Buze

Non-local Models of Phase Transitions

University of Surrey

Dr Bin Cheng

Timothy Burchell

Accuracy and validation of braotropic fluid models on a sphere