Celebrating New Appointments - Scheme 9

To provide partial support for meetings held in the United Kingdom to celebrate the new appointment of a lecturer at a UK university.

The applicant should be a new lecturer in mathematics, based in the UK. Non LMS members will need to ask an LMS member to support the application. The meeting must be held in the UK. Where appropriate, joint meetings involving more than one new appointment may be supported.


  • The inaugural meeting must take place within two years of the start date of the new appointment (time spent on parental leave will be taken into account and will not count against the two year maximum)
  • It is expected that this would be a one-day meeting consisting of three talks, given by the new lecturer and two other mathematicians in the same research area, preferably from the UK.
  • A small reception and dinner is to be held after the meeting. It is hoped that the applicant’s department would subsidise the reception.
  • The purposes of the meeting would be:
    • To celebrate the new appointment
    • To strengthen the research network in which the new lecturer naturally sits, and
    • To provide an opportunity for research students and other mathematicians to spend a day focusing on the research area.
  • The Society expects that the meetings which it supports will be open to all, and will only support a closed meeting if an exceptional case is made.

NB The Society is reluctant to award grants to meetings which clash with other significant mathematical meetings in the UK such as the British Mathematical Colloquium or the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium.

Value of award:
The maximum award is normally £600 towards actual expenses for:

  • Visiting lecturers (travel, accommodation and subsistence)
  • Visiting research students (travel, accommodation and subsistence)
  • The dinner
  • In addition, the Society allows the use of the grant to cover Caring Costs for those attendees who have dependents.

Deadlines and decision timetable:
Applications should be submitted well in advance of the date of the conference.

Application Deadline Decision Date Start Date of Conference
15 October November February to May
22 February April  June to September
15 May July October to January
  • Please note that applications will not be considered between mid-July and mid-October
  • Grants will not be made retrospectively.

Queries regarding applications can be addressed to the Grants Administrator or the Chair of the Early Career Research Committee (ECRC) who will be pleased to discuss proposals informally with potential applicants and give advice on the submission of an application.

Grant Administrator: Anthony Byrne (020 7 927 0807).  Email: grants@lms.ac.uk

Chair of the Early Career Research Committee (ECRC): Professor Chris Parker 

Application Form: