Joint Research Groups (Scheme 3) supported LMS Grants in 2020-21

These Joint Research Groups are supported by the London Mathematical Society through the Joint Research Group (Scheme 3) Grant Scheme.

Please note that the links given below are to external sites.  If a link is missing or broken, please do contact with the name of the Research Group and the correct link.

Joint Research Group Name Participating Institutions Grant Holder
Algebraic Geometry Seminar (COW) Bath; Kent; Oxford; Warwick Clelia Pech (Kent)
Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (AQFT) in the UK Cardiff; Lancaster; York Robin Hillier (Lancaster)
Applied Algebra and Geometry Glasgow; Oxford; York Emilie Dufresne (York)
Applied Algebraic Topology Liverpool; QMUL; Southampton Vitaliy Kurdish (Liverpool)
ARTIN - Algebra and Representation Theory In the North Edinburgh; Glasgow; Newcastle David Jordan (Edinburgh)
BLOC - Bristol Leicester Oxford City Colloquium (Representation theory of algebras) Bristol; City; Oxford; Leicester Sibylle Schroll (Leicester)
Bristol-Oxford-Warwick-London Symposium on Additive Combinatorics and Analytic Number Theory (BOWLSACANT)  Bristol; Cambridge; Manchester; Oxford; Warwick; UCL. Ben Green (Oxford)
Cambridge-Oxford-Warwick Homotopy and Manifolds Cambridge; Oxford; Warwick Emanuele Dotto (Warwick)
Challenges in Non-Self Adjoint Spectral Theory Cardiff; Durham; Loughborough; QUB Petr Siegl (QUB)
Classical and quantum integrability Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds; Strathclyde Misha Feigin (Glasgow)
Computational Mathematics for Quantum Mechanics Cambridge; Heriot-Watt; Warwick Katharina Schratz (Heriot-Watt)
E-R-L-A-S-S (Egham-Reading-London-Arithmetic-Statistics-Seminar) Reading; RHUL; UCL Martin Widmer (RHUL)
East Midlands Seminar in Geometry (EmSG) Leicester; Loughborough; Nottingham Alexander Kasprzyk (Nottingham)

East Midlands Stochastic Analysis Seminars

Loughborough; Warwick; York Chungron Feng (Loughborough)
Ergodic theory Manchester; Warwick; Richard Sharp (Warwick)
Functor Categories for Groups

Cambridge; Lancaster; Lincoln; RHUL; 

Nadia Mazza (Lancaster)
GLEN Algebraic Geometry Seminar Edinburgh; Glasgow; Liverpool; Johan Martens (Edinburgh)
Group Theory and Applications Birkbeck; Manchester; QMUL Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck)
Groups and geometry in the South East Cambridge; Oxford; UCL Larsen Louder (UCL)
Holomorphic Dynamics Liverpool; OU; Nottingham Daniel Nicks (Nottingham)
London-Brussels Geometry Research Network QMUL; UCL; Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) Felix Schulze (UCL)
LYMOTS (Lancashire and Yorkshire Model Theory Seminars) Central Lancashire; Leeds; Manchester Vincenzo Mantova (Leeds)
Mathematics in Life Sciences Nottingham; Southampton; Surrey Rachel Nicks (Nottingham)
North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS) Lancaster; Leeds; Newcastle Evgenios Kakariadis (Newcastle)
North British Geometric Group Theory (NBGGT) Durham; Newcastle; St. Andrews Sarah Rees (Newcastle)
North British Mathematical Physics Seminar Durham; Heriot-Watt; York Benoit Vicedo (York)
North British Semigroups and Applications Network Manchester; St Andrews; York Mark Kambites (Manchester)
Northern Number Theory Seminar Nottingham; Sheffield; York Chris Wuthrich (Nottingham)
Open Quantum Meetings Exeter; Manchester; Nottingham Luis Alberto Correa Marichal (Exeter)
Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions, Operator Theory and Applications (OPSFOTA) Kent; King's College London; Reading Ana Loureiro (Kent)
Probability in the North-East Durham; Sheffield; York Sunil Chhita (Durham)
Reading-Oxford-Warwick Diophantine Geometry Seminar Oxford; Reading; Warwick Netan Dogra (Oxford)
Scottish Numerical Methods Network Dundee; Edinburgh; Strathclyde Agissilaos Athanassoulis (Dundee)
SEEMOD (South and East of England MODel Theory Network) Imperial College London; Cambridge; Oxford; QMUL; UEA Charlotte Kestner (Imperial College)
Set Theory in Britain Bristol; Leeds; UEA Philip Welch (Bristol)
South East Mathematical Physics Seminars (SEMPS) Hertfordshire; Kent; Surrey Clare Dunning (Kent)
South Wales Applied Mathematics for Biomedical Advances (SWAMBA) Cardiff; Swansea; University of South Wales Thomas Woolley (Cardiff)
The DOS (Durham-Oxford-Strathclyde) Network on Anisotropic Materials Bath; Durham; Oxford; Strathclyde Apala Majumdar (Strathclyde)
The UK Harmonic Analysis and PDE Research Network Birmingham; Edinburgh; Warwick Maria del Carmen Reguera Rodriguez (Birmingham)
Transpennine Topology Triangle (TTT) Leicester; Liverpool; Sheffield Sarah Whitehouse (Sheffield)
Tropical mathematics and its applications Birmingham; Manchester; Warwick  Marianne Johnson (Manchester)
UK Network on Hyperbolic Equations and Related Topics Edinburgh; Loughborough; QMUL Claudia Garetto (Loughborough)
YaMCATS (Yorkshire and Midlands Category Seminar) Birmingham; Leeds; Leicester; Sheffield Simona Paoli (Leicester)
Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Days Durham; Leeds; York Christopher Wood (York)