Professor Alison Etheridge is awarded the 2023 IMA–LMS David Crighton Medal

The joint Panels of the IMA and the LMS are delighted to award the 2023 David Crighton Medal to Alison Etheridge FRS OBE, of the University of Oxford.

The David Crighton Medal was established by the Councils of the LMS and IMA in 2002 in order to pay tribute to the memory of Professor David George Crighton FRS for services both to mathematics and to the mathematical community.
Alison is a leading researcher and a world expert on stochastic processes and their applications. She is an excellent lecturer, and her skills as a researcher and educator have attracted over 30 graduate students and postdocs over the years.

As mentioned, this award is not only for services to mathematics but also to the mathematical community; Alison has played an active role in encouraging women in mathematics, she has provided excellent guidance and mentoring to female PhD students and junior colleagues, who now have successful careers in their own right.  By sharing her experiences, about her research and career path, she has shown how she balanced her career and family life, providing suggestions on how partners of women in mathematics and employers, can be supportive of them.

Through all of the above, and much more, Alison has been an effective role model and mentor for women in mathematics; her appointments in important roles during her career signal the high esteem in which she is held and the mathematical community’s recognition of her dedication and abilities as a leader in her field, and a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.