Instructions for authors

This page contains information for preparing a paper for publication in the ProceedingsJournal, Bulletin or Transactions of the London Mathematical Society or the Journal of Topology.

For papers submitted to Mathematika, see instead Submission of Papers (Mathematika).

The following topics are covered on this page:

The LMS Class File for LaTeX2e

Authors are encouraged to prepare their manuscripts in the 'LMS' document class for LaTeX2e. The author guide entitled "Using the LMS Class File" consists of only 4 pages. You may choose to preview the Author Guide as a PDF file prior to downloading the installation package. The Author Guide is included, however, in the class-file distribution.

List of Files

The zip file contains the following files:

  • readme-lms.txt;
  • lms.cls (the LMS class file);
  • lms2eau.tex (a sample file for preparing your manuscript);
  • (the guide 'Using the LMS class file');
  • lms2eau1.pdf (the guide 'Using the LMS class file').

If the files fail to unpack, you probably already have them installed. In this case, if the supplied files are newer, we strongly recommend that you use the newer files. To do this, rename any existing file and unpack the distribution again.


Please report any software bug or problem with downloading to The LMS also welcomes suggestions for improving these instructions.

LMS House Style Guidelines

Your paper should conform reasonably well to our house style. In most circumstances, the class file guide will provide sufficient information about the style. However, the complete house-style document (34 pages) is available by clicking here. This is the reference manual used by the copy-editors and it should normally not be necessary for an author to refer to it.

Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) Codes (2020)

Please use the 2020 MSC codes when submitting your paper. The MSC Codes are available from the AMS website. Classification numbers should appear at the bottom of the first page of the manuscript.