2016 Summer School

The Summer School was held at the University of Kent - July 10-22nd 2016

The complete timetable for the school is available.

Speakers at the 2016 School are listed below, with abstracts and exercises linked where available.


Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow) - From Platonic solids to quivers  (EXERCISES)

Olga Maleva (Birmingham) - The Baire Category theorem and the Banach-Mazur game (Description & Exercises)

Shaun Stevens (UEA) - Local-global principles in number theory

Paul Sutcliffe (Durham) - Topological solitons

John Talbot (UCL) - Extremal combinatorics (Further Notes)  (EXERCISES)

Sasha Veselov (Loughborough) - The many faces of polyhedra (Further notes and exercises)


Colloquium speakers:

Ben  Green (Oxford) - Arithmetic Progressions of Length 3

Malwina Luczak (QMUL) - Long term and limiting behaviour of epidemics in large populations

John Pearson (Kent) - The possibilities of numerical analysis

Yosef Rinott (Hebrew University Jerusalem) - On multiple testing and estimation

Gwyneth Stallard (Open University) - Fractals in complex dynamics

Martina Balagovic (Newcastle) - Wait...that can't be right!!

Andrew Hodges (Oxford) - Spinors and Geometry

Ekaterina Eremenko - The Discrete Charm of Geometry and Colors of Math (films) (POSTER)


2016 Local Organising CommitteeSteffen Krusch, Bas Lemmens, Joe Watkins, Pavlos Xenitidis