Prizes Committee

Prizes Committee makes recommendations to Council as to which mathematicians should be awarded the Society’s prizes.  In addition the committee brings to Council recommendations for honorary membership of the LMS.

Terms of Reference

  1. To make recommendations to Council for Society prizes;
  2. To make recommendations to Council for honorary membership of the LMS as at statute 6(iv)

President (Chair), P. Cameron, C. Elliott, I. Gordon, A. Lazarev, E. Shargorodsky, I. Smith, A. Taormina, B. Wingate, S. Zerbes.

Dates of Meetings
The committee meets twice per year and makes its recommendations to Council by the end of June.

The Prize certificates are presented at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

None at present

Useful Links
Honorary Members

The Prizes Committee strongly welcomes nominations for prizes or honorary membership from the maths community.

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