In the past, the LMS has provided sponsorship funding to the British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science to finance the costs of inviting a distinguished guest speaker to address the colloquium on topic of interest to mathematicians and computer scientists. From 2008 to 2020, this was a speaker from overseas.

The speaker is titled the LMS-Sponsored Keynote Lecturer in Discrete Mathematics.

Past lecturers have been:

2020 - Robert Constable (Cornell University, USA)
Implementing Elements of Intuitionistic Mathematics in Nuprl

2019 - Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton University, USA)
Detecting Old Holes

2018 - John Hopcroft (Cornell University, USA)
Research in Deep Learning

2017 - Laszlo Babai (University of Chicago, USA)
Graph Isomorphism

2016 - Valerie King (University of Victoria, Canada)
Tossing a Collective Coin and Coming to Agreement

2015 - Thomas Hales (University of Pittsburgh)
The Formal Proof of the Kepler Conjecture

2014 - Jeffry Shallit (University of Waterloo)
Open Problems in Automata Theory

2013 - Susanne Albers (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Energy Efficient Algorithms

2012 - Rod Downey (Victoria University of Wellington)
Fundamentals of Parametrized Complexity

2011 - David Johnson (AT&T New Jersey)
Bin Packing: From Theory to Experiment and Back Again

2010 - Gil Kalai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Analysis and Probability of Boolean Functions

2009 - Noga Alon (Tel Aviv)
Combinatorial Reasoning in Information Theory

2008 – Gerhard Woeginger (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Three Assignment Problems and One Theorem

2007 - Kristina Vušković (Leeds)
The Use of Decomposition in the Study of Graph Classes defined by Excluding Induced Subgraphs

2006 - Hajo Broersma (Durham)
Toughness in Graphs: Structural and Algorithmic Aspects

2005 – Alan Gibbons (King's College London)
The Soft Machines: Computing with the Code of Life