Research Grants Committee

The Committee is responsible for awarding research grants and international grants.  In particular, the Committee is responsible for disbursing grants for the support of scientific meetings, under such general terms and conditions as Council shall approve and disbursing grants for the support of visits by mathematicians to institutions other than their own under such schemes as Council shall approve.

Terms of Reference

The Committee's full terms of reference are available here.


The Committee assesses applications for grants to support conferences, research workshops, visits, joint research groups and research in pairs and International grants

Annual application deadlines

Scheme(s) Deadline Date Decision Date
 Conference Grants (Scheme 1)  22 January  February/March  
 Visiting Speakers to the UK (Scheme 2)  22 January   February/March
 Joint Research Groups (Scheme 3)  15 September    October
 Research in Pairs (Scheme 4)  22 January  February/March
 Collaborations with Developing Countries (Scheme 5)     22 January  February/March
 Research Workshop Grants (Scheme 6)  22 January  February/March


Andrew Dancer (Chair),  Jacek Brodzki, Gianne Derks, Andrey Lazarev, Frank Neumann, Brita Nucinkis, Norbert Peyerimhoff, Mariya Ptashnyk, Alina Vdovina, Amanda Turner, J. Zimmer (Bath Symposia Representative).

Dates of Meetings

The Committee has three full day meetings per year, in February, June and October plus a half day meeting in January. 

Bath Symposia:

For further details about the Bath Symposia or any queries relating to organising a Bath Symposium, please email