International Affairs Committee

The International Affairs Committee advises Council on matters relating to the Society's links with mathematical societies and organisations overseas, including the IMU, ICMI, ICIAM and the European Mathematical Society, and their Congresses. In addition, the LMS is the UK ‘adhering organisation’ with the International Mathematical Union and the International Affairs Committee is the UK Committee for Mathematics for discharging IMU business.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise Council on matters relating to the Society's adherence to the IMU and its constituent committees, including ICMI. The Committee will serve as the UK 'Committee for Mathematics' as required by Statute 5 of the IMU.
  2. To ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to assist UK delegates attending the ICM and the ICME.
  3. To advise Council on its relationships with other international bodies, such as ICSU and the European Mathematical Society.
  4. To advise Council on any matters relating to international affairs which are not part of the remit of another committee.
  5. To maintain links with mathematical societies and organisations overseas, and to advise Council on Reciprocity agreements.

President (Chair), J. Hunton (Publications Secretary), C. Budd (UK Representative to ICMI), J. Fraser (Edinburgh Mathematical Society), P. Glaister (IMA), G. Gibson (President, Edinburgh Mathematical Society), B. Nucinkis, M. Mathieu, J. Parker, S. Schroll, N. Walkey (RSS).

Dates of Meetings
The committee does not have a regular meeting schedule, instead it meets to accommodate the business of the international mathematical organisations.

Useful Links

IMU International Mathematical Union
ICM International Congress of Mathematicians
ICMI International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
ICME International Congress on Mathematical Education
ICIAM International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
European Mathematical Society