Education Committee

Education Committee is involved in a wide range of activities from supporting mathematical education in schools, colleges and universities, to encouraging the public and young people to appreciate and engage with mathematics. It ensures that the views of the Society on mathematical educational issues are made known to decision makers and works to promote the public image of mathematics.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise Council on all matters concerning mathematical education;
  2. In particular, to suggest to Council responses to policy documents in the field of the Committee’s interests;
  3. To act on behalf of Council in such matters when authorized to do so;
  4. To liaise as appropriate with other bodies with interests in the area (for example, with sister societies and government agencies);
  5. To organise activities which promote public interest in and understanding of mathematics;
  6. To assess applications to the Society for grants in the area of the Committee’s interests.

K Houston (Chair), Vice-President (C Hobbs), J. Anderson, T. Brendle, P. Glaister, J-A Lees, T. Roper, K. Golden (HoDoMS), C. Saker, J White.

Dates of Meetings
The committee meets four times per year, usually in February, May, September and December.

The Committee oversees the Education Grants.

The committee is responsible for the annual Popular Lectures. It also works with Gresham College on the annual LMS/Gresham Lecture and oversees the School Holgate Lecture Scheme.

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