LMS Annual Review

LMS Annual Review 2020-2021

The Society is committed to supporting both its members and the Mathematical Sciences community as a whole, and to do this as effectively as possible we have formulated strategic priorities to guide us as we undertake our various activities. Those priorities are: communicating and advancing mathematical knowledge, promoting research in all areas of mathematics, publicising its benefits, and at the same time ensuring the long-term sustainability of the mathematical research community.

While the pandemic continued to have a profound impact on the Society in 2020-2021, it has also meant that the Society found new and creative ways of pursuing its charitable objectives. Among many other things, the Society launched new grant schemes, ran numerous online meetings and events, participated virtually in major international conferences and successfully developed an on-line A-level mathematics tutoring programme.

The Society is now entering a period of rebuilding following the pandemic and is carrying forward the lessons learnt from the pandemic with new ways of working, which are more cost effective, more inclusive and more environmentally friendly. In 2020-2021 the Society adopted an environmental policy statement and the Society’s Council has made it clear that the Society should be a leader in the mathematics community in relation to sustainability.

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