Women in Mathematics Committee

The remit for the Women in Mathematics Committee is to promote the object of the Society in as far as this concerns women, and to undertake further tasks as required or approved by Council.

Terms of Reference

  1. Providing information to the membership of the LMS on items relating to Women in Mathematics;
  2. Monitoring the Society's activities by collecting and publishing statistical data on women in mathematics;
  3. Establishing the Mary Cartwright Lecture;
  4. Supporting and developing workshops such as the British Women in Mathematics meetings;
  5. Investigating and implementing measures pertaining to the retention of women in the mathematical community;
  6. Providing information on the provision of childcare at meetings and conferences;
  7. National and international liaison with organisations with similar priorities.

E. Hunsicker (Chair), I. Gordon, A. Lecuona (Edinburgh Mathematical Society), A. Davis, Y. Krychko, D.Maclagan, S.Lombardo (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications), S. Pumpluen, L. Rodgers (Royal Statistical Society), C. Smith, M. Sommacal, A. Taormina (European Women in Mathematics), H. Herrera (Operational Research Society), T. Kelly

Dates of Meetings
The committee meets twice annually, once in February/March and once in September/October.

The Committee operates the Caring grants scheme and also awards the Grace Chisholm Young Fellowships.

The Committee organises an annual Women in Mathematics Day and also the annual Mary Cartwright Lecture.

Statements on Women in Mathematics are issued from time to time.
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Good Practice Scheme
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