Joint Promotion of Mathematics


The Joint Promotion of Mathematics  (JPM) seeks out opportunities for bringing mathematics, and the role of mathematics, to the attention of policymakers and advisers, the wider public and the media. It also provides a resource for UK policymakers, the media and the wider public to call upon.


The JPM’s role is as a gateway between those working in the mathematical sciences community and a range of interest groups from government departments, agencies and Parliament through science, engineering, business and financial bodies to schools and college, universities, their students and beyond.

It responds to media enquiries and puts out press releases, but also works to keep other organisations informed of mathematics issues. The JPM provides a resource for anyone wishing to access the mathematics community by maintaining an up to date list of experts.

The JPM has been instrumental in bringing together the many organisations working in the mathematics community. To do this, the JPM set up the MATHS-PROM network, which is made up of people who work in promoting mathematics. The group is kept up to date through an email network.


The work of the JPM is varied and includes:

  • meeting with a wide range of journalists, science organisations and lobby groups
  • setting up meetings with MPs with an interest in the mathematical sciences and universities
  • worked with exhibitors at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition to produce a series of leaflets called 'The Maths Inside'.
    - Maths Inside 2007
    - Maths Inside 2008
    - Maths Inside 2009 (Nature's raincoats, The palaeodetectives, Snapdragon's tale)
    - Maths Inside 2010 (The Hidden Complexities of Ice, How do insects find their way home?, Nanoscale science)
    - Maths Inside 2011 (external link)
  • providing publicity for a range of events 
  • working with the British Science Association to produce publicity highlighting the mathematics content of events at the British Science Festival
  • providing interactive mathematics displays for the Bloomsbury Festival 
  • producing press releases, policy round-ups and consultation responses on issues in the mathematical sciences

Maths Inside

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